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What does Buddhism have to do with rock'n'roll?


Then again, some people think that Zen Buddhism is about nothing.

Then again, does nothing exist?

Well, American Zen exists. We've got hate mail and recorded phone messages from angry Mormons to prove it.

American Zen is about inspiring people. (To be happy -- to find meaning in our lives.) Coyote's brain was somehow frozen in time. He still thinks he's living in the "Peace And Love" flower power years of the late sixties. No matter how hard he tries to sound modern, his songs still sound like a best hits of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Hendrix, The Kinks, Blodwyn Pig, King Crimson, Marc Bolin & T Rex, Johnny Winter, Mountain, Cream, or The Turtles. This makes his music very hard to classify without creating a whole new music genre called "Coyote Tunes."

8 LEVELS to Enlightenment
Coyote wrote the entire album, LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind, in less than one year. The first four songs of his next album were composed that first year in Utah also. At the time of this writing, we are halfway done recording this second album.

With each album of this 8 album / 8 LEVEL series, Coyote and his bandmates will pursue enlightenment and hopefully impress all of us.

This FIRST LEVEL, consisting of 11 poems and 11 songs on their debut CD, represents Coyote's first steps toward "Peace Of Mind," or nirvana, as most people refer to it.

Coyote was doing a lot of poetry readings that year also. This taught him to deliver his poetry in an unemotional, collegiate manner as recorded on the CD. "I was both competing with Mormon poets and trying real hard not to upset them. I chose poems that would not get me tarred-and-feathered. Now that I'm back in California I'm anxious to take my poetry to the next level also," explains Coyote in an apologetic tone.

Coyote's first step towards his new poetry performance style can be heard in American Zen's newly recorded song, "I Am Not From Here," which features Coyote singing/rapping his poetry as Steve pounds on a tom-tom in Coyote's kitchen.


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*Collector's note:
This FIRST BATCH of American Zen's CD, LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind, has a photo of Coyote on the cover. His eyes are UNCOVERED. All future releases will have the FBI CENSORSHIP SUNGLASSES across Coyote's eyes.
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