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Songs & Poetry
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Peace Of Mind #2                 Music & Lyrics by The Coyote
Coyote jamming on Jethro Tull style flute
Folk rock song story of a San Diego beach trip by Coyote. Coyote's
'nickel passport' is his flute. He's rigged up some way of strapping it to his Levi belt loops so it is like a gun holster. T Rex's Marc Bolin could have written this. This song was written after the LEVEL 1 album was completed, to replace the original version, "Peace Of Mind," which will be on the second album, LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer.

(I like this song version better.)
((Wow! I'm changing what I had written here previously. Now that we've finished the LEVEL 2 = CHRIST KILLER cd -- well, the original song, "Peace Of Mind" came out better than expected. Check out my acoustic guitar solo.))

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Black Of Night                 Music & Lyrics by The Coyote

Written in Coyote's snow covered van during a cold Utah winter. They burn coal in Salt Lake City so the air is even more polluted than Los Angeles. Then the government built a big oven upwind of the city to cook old leaky bombs they're storing underground in the desert... John Lennon would enjoy this song.  

(Check out that Vox organ. It had to go away when the guitar comes in because we only had 4 tracks to work with.)

((I'm still digging this song any time of the day. Todd Rundgren once explained a good song as three things: a good melody, a good recording, and a good performance. Despite the limitations of our 4-track system, we still managed to get all three song elements. Producer Dick said we had to put our emphasis on the PERFORMANCE of the songs to overcome our lack of recording equipment. That's why I still enjoy listening to this album, the performances of American Zen were awesome. We not only did our best -- we did great!))

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Whose Heaven Is This?  Music & Lyrics by The Coyote

"...Church of Saints or Church of Fools -- I wonder." Features Rory G. on ukulele like Don Ho on amphetamines.

(I'm glad people enjoy this song, because I was REAL PISSED OFF when I wrote it.)

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In The Darkness                Music & Lyrics by The Coyote

Shaolin Music, our publishing company, signed this dark brooding British songwriter. He was evidently bumming Coyote out... The lyrics were left off and recited as poetry on this same album, Level 1.

(That guy was really talented. He should've hung in there longer.)

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You've Been Sold               Music & Lyrics by The Coyote

Yeah, this is a protest song. Sounds like Bob Dylan harping society... Rory G's slide guitar carries this song into a cowboy rebellion.

(I like that, 'cowboy rebellion.' This song was heartfelt but it really is aimed at the Mormons, and my friends, and my family... and you.)

((Boy! Now that I'm coming out of LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer, I'm realizing how badly I've been ripped off and cheated. I'm a little pissed, but mostly I've developed a better Zen nature. I'm starting to realize what I call "people pollution." I'm still cleaning up my world and flushing away some of those crappy friends I've been putting up with.))

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Free The Change                Music & Lyrics by The Coyote

Folk Rock song? This sounds more like Metallica than Arlo Guthrie.

(Sometimes it's hard not to just grind and pound as hard as you can -- it feels good. That was the success of Led Zeppelin - they really pounded! I saw their first American tour with Jethro Tull. Tull was awesome too. It was years later before I picked up a flute for the first time.)

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Trust Me                             Music & Lyrics by The Coyote

A jingle composer, David Shields, challenged Coyote to write this song. Coyote waited until he was inspired by his newspaper delivery girl, Tina, before writing this song. "I had to feel it before I'd even try to write it," explains our Cary Grant acting singer-songwriter.

(I know that movie, 'His Girl Friday,' or something like that. I'd like to argue with a girl like that girl in the movie. She was witty, sharp, fast, tough... hey, is that what I need in a woman? Hmm. Sharp - witty - fast and tough. Gotta get good manners in there somewhere though. The minute a girl barks at me, this dog is out the door.)

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Simple Lady                       Music & Lyrics by The Coyote

Coyote, stranded in Utah, thinking of someone who...

(This is a perfect example of why I can't tell anyone who this is about. It's romantic but perhaps embarrasing to the person I adore.)

((Where is my simple love? I just got dumped for not having enough money. Women say -- Hey! She even said, she was marrying me for love, not for my money. What a load of BS. I was poor when I met her, now, thanks to her, I'm even poorer than then. I didn't dump her because she didn't make enough money. Hmmm. Okay. If those are the ground rules then I need a woman with money or if I make a lot of money -- that means she loves me for my money? This is so confusing. It sucks being the last romantic on the planet.))

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All Screwed Up                  Music & Lyrics by The Coyote

A slice of the American lifestyle, that sounds like "American Woman" by BTO Bachman Turner Overdrive -- who are actually Canadian.

(Robbie called me up the other day. "Hey, this song is about me isn't it? Well - yeah. "I thought so man. I'm famous! My cousin Randy was playing that song on his iPod and I said, 'I know that song.' I listened to the lyrics..." At least he was happy, not mad. Most people - well I freaked out this girl when she came to a gig and I sang a song I wrote to her - I should've warned her.)

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A Long Way Home             Music & Lyrics by The Coyote

Psychedelic rock song telling the story of a trip to a San Diego beach. Coyote's howl at the end depicts his heartfelt longing to be back in California, far from the Mormons.

(Did you know that San Diego is the end of the Mormon Trail? They created a line of settlements from Salt Lake City to San Diego, the Mormon harbor.)

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Thank You                          Music & Lyrics by The Coyote

A pounding folk rock song that sounds like early David Bowie.

(I think I should've let Rory put a blasting grunge on it. I was hoping for a thunderous acoustic sound by recording the acoustic guitars in stereo. You tell me, "did it work?")

((I was very naive when I wrote this song. I believe in people. I trust people. I see the best that they can be and try not to expect their past mistakes to resurface.

That's also because I treat people the way I want to be treated, and naively think that other people will respect me the way that I respect them. Man, am I a sucker.

During the next album, LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer, I grew up a lot and started to realize that people's weaknesses and selfishness could really hurt my life. So, what I said "Thank you," for -- turned out to be the same thing I mistook for love from my mother: being ignored. Thinking I was free -- I ignored the leash...))

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Introduction                          Poetry Author & Narrator: The Coyote

Coyote begins the oration at his oriental desk, in the Transwest Apartments, of Salt Lake City, Utah. This was recorded on a 4-track Tascam 424 recorder, using an AKG 414 cardiod microphone on a boom stand. Coyote sat at his desk and flipped the pages of his poetry book, reading the following poems in the order they are listed here. The spaces between poems have been edited so you don't hear the rustling paper noises...otherwise these poems were all recorded in one sitting, in one take--until he ran out of tape on "It's Tough." Coyote started that poem over on the next tape and continued to the end--"Saints."

We forgot this last poem was on the tape until we downloaded the original master into our ProTools recording system. Probably a wise decision at the time. "Saints" fits well with the second upcoming album of American Zen, LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer.

(Excuse me, Producer Sir. Am I going to record any poetry on the Christ Killer album? We're almost done with the overdubs and I haven't cut a single poem yet?)

((Wait 'til you hear the poetry I recorded on the next CD, LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer. We dug up a dozen poems. I sat on them for a few weeks. Then, when Super Dick, our record producer said, "Let's do it." I picked my favorite ones and we cut the whole batch in a about an hour. Unlike this album, I was trying to make each poem totally different in sound, character, and style. I like the way we cut them. It was really amazing how well they laid in between the songs of the Christ Killer album.))

     FREE Song Sample "Introduction" poetry sample  

Get Out Of My Dream   Poetry Author & Narrator: The Coyote

Although this girl had broken up with Coyote, she kept visiting him until his new girlfriend chased her away.

(Too bad. She and I couldn't get along but we sure did get along. She knew how to get what she wanted from me. That was cool.)

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In The Darkness                Poetry Author & Narrator: The Coyote

Cold, yet accurate, compassionate, yet slightly harsh.

(Here's the poem that was the lyrics to the song, "In The Darkness.")

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Last Year                             Poetry Author & Narrator: The Coyote

More poems about kids?

    Available ONLY on the CD or ALBUM DOWNLOAD   

When Children Are Unwanted
Poetry & Narrator: The Coyote

Not a very comfortable poem. But it's got a great point.

(I was impressed by the Mormon kids. They sat still and quiet better than any kids I grew up with. Most Mormon kids probably get better care than most kids, even in the polygamous families. But I didn't like seeing the mexican women sticking pacifiers in the baby's mouth just to shut them up, or ignoring the kids when they were crying, or sometimes I'd feel really bad just looking at a kid and seeing the sadness and loneliness in their eyes...)

FREE Song Sample "When Children Are Unwanted" poetry sample  

Nurturing Your Life         Poetry Author & Narrator: The Coyote

Coyote seems to be giving a lot of thoughts to kids.

(You can't live in Utah without realizing they are a baby business. Their state logo is a beehive. They encourage lots of kids and they EXPECT every one of them to be a Mormon and give 15% of their income DIRECTLY TO THE CHURCH of Latter Day Saints.)

((After comparing California to Utah, I can really appreciate a lot of what the Mormons accomplished. Their religion not only binds them together, but the families are competitive against each other to be an ideal family. I remember some of that from when I was a kid, and we had to have our lawn look as good or better than the neighbors. That kind of competition promotes higher quality. Since then, California has become a mixture of illegal immigrants and businessman who all value money over family or friendship. I want to have a lot of money, but I don't want to fit in with any of these 'normal' or 'successful' people. They aren't loving, or creative or fun or spiritual. I haven't met anyone in California who goes to church. I don't mind being different, but I wish that everyone else would be a different kind of normal.))

FREE Song Sample "Nurturing Your Life" poetry sample  

The Power                               Poetry Author & Narrator: The Coyote

Coyote gives us a new look at what real power is in life.

(I got a culture shock when I moved to Newfoundland. My friends lived in homes with no plumbing ((well water with an electric pump was a really modern thing few could afford)) But they didn't lock their doors either. Newfoundland was a beautiful, rugged, cold experience that slapped me awake. Then Utah showed me how corporations, government and religions can control people like cattle. The Mormons are the biggest people-cow farm on the planet.)

FREE Song Sample "The Power" poetry sample  

The Teacher Was He       Poetry Author & Narrator: The Coyote

A poem about a recording studio session in Venice, California. Coyote confronts one of his music heroes from Blue Cheer and Mint Tattoo.

(I think I blew it. I should've given him more compliments. Most people don't know all the cool records Burns Kellogg played on.)

*(Additional note: During the 20 podcasts associated with this LEVEL 1 album, I made an effort to contact Burns Kellogg and discovered he'd passed away. Thanks for your inspiration and great music!)

FREE Song Sample "The Teacher Was He" poetry sample  

Spring Rain                            Poetry Author & Narrator: The Coyote

A quaint look at a spring downpour.

(Quaint? I'm not quaint. I would like to write poetry more often. I've probably not written my best poems that I wrote, but didn't write down... I've gotta get in the habit of carrying pen and paper more often. I'll remember, 'oh what was that cool riff I had at my head at the store. I've written a few songs driving in my car.)

FREE Song Sample "Spring Rain" poetry sample  

It's tough...                        Poetry Author & Narrator: The Coyote

I think Coyote's complaining about his bandmates.

(No, not them. Well, maybe sometimes them. Everybody. I think everyone could cooperate with me better.)

FREE Song Sample "It's Tough" poetry sample  

My Woman Is My Wife  Poetry Author & Narrator: The Coyote

Coyote claims that marriage is a chance to have sex every day.

(That's not what that means. It means that marriages should remove all the taboos and boundaries until you're left with whatever you want.)

((I didn't move to Utah for sex. There was plenty of that, wherever I was. However, sex does represent some fundamental core of the relationship. Before we broke up, the sex was getting less and less and less.. despite my wanting to. I hung in there longer than I ever have before, because of commitment, loyalty, family... Man, another example of Coyote the sucker. Once the sex was gone, the love became friendship -- and I don't screw my friends. Hey, we broke up and we're still friends... So, I'm way into monogamy, but when the sex fades -- I'm not gonna spend a year as a monk again. I should've hit that highway before she replaced me with another lover -- who made a lot of money. Which brings up another issue: money. She said, "I really love you but I'm leaving you for financial reasons."))

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