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Poetry Book by The Hippy Coyote

First EPIC poem by The Coyote

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Rainbow In The Shade

Rainbow In The Shade is an anti-war epic poem of love, heroism, loyalty, and modern marriage.  This is Coyote's first epic poem that opened the door to his next masterpiece epic poem, The AntiChrist in 2011.

Rainbow In The Shade bounces through Coyote's history with the focus being (afterwards) apparent in the following wars and periods of Richard Del Connor's love life.

  1. Hollywood 1980
  2. Transwest Apartment 1993
  3. Tujunga 2003
  4. Salt Lake City 1997
  5. Iraq War 2005
  6. Gulf War 1991
  7. Angeles Forest Cabin 2000
  8. Allied Gardens 1967
  9. 9/11 War 2001
10. Black Widow Spider Bite 2001
11. Montrose 2011
12. Vietnam War 1969
13. Vision Quest Pineridge Reservation 1994
14. Afghanistan War 2008
15. LaMesa 1972 "Love to Escape"

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