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You've Been Sold


Does anyone know where they should be?

Does anyone know when they're really free

We give up, and give in, to still feel bad

Wishing for something we already had

When it seems farther, from your grasp

The future looks brighter when seen through the past


It's so hard, it's so cold, it's so cold

Doing what's expected, what you've been told

It's so hard, keeping my cool, keeping my cool

When you don't get what you've been sold


Dreams are for sale, we all name our price

Sometimes we pay more to put them on ice

Survival we blame, has to come first

But doing without dreams is a starvation worse


It's not giving up when you decide to complain

Sometimes it's hard to understand or even explain

So we search for our mistakes, we hope to correct

To change the future into what we expect


It's so hard, it's so cold, it's so cold ... what you've been sold

Lyrics used by permission from shaolinRECORDS.com  
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