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Join Coyote

on his quest for peace of mind.

If a long-haired California Buddhist
can find peace of mind in Utah - - you can too!

What started as a relocation in the movie business, became a spiritual journey for Richard O'Connor, born Richard Del Connor. Better known as "Coyote" or "The Coyote" during the 1980s, this move to Utah with one-year-old daughter, Caitlin O'Connor, was at the advice of his business partner wife.

At the end of 1991, Coyote and family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah.

The events are interesting stories, but more important are the lessons learned in each of these songs and poems.

"All Screwed Up" song sample--> Free Song Sample

Coyote jamming on Jethro Tull style fluteCoyote's album, LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind, was recorded in partnership with Shaolin Records and its' associated cyber-temple,

This first album, LEVEL 1, is scheduled as the FIRST of EIGHT albums that will portray Coyote and his bandmate's spiritual evolution.

We hope to inspire, entertain, and enlighten you with what we learn and do over the next few years.


Zen of The Coyote  

Coyote Zen #1   "A Long Way Home"
Coyote Zen #2   "All Screwed Up"
Coyote Zen #3   "You've Been Sold"
Coyote Zen #4   "Trust Me"
Coyote Zen #5   "The Power"
Coyote Zen #6   "The Teacher Was He"
Coyote Zen #7   "Spring Rain"
Coyote Zen #8   "It's Tough..."

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