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America's First Buddhist Rock Band


American Zen

The Coyote
Acoustic Guitar, Composer, Flute, Vocal Lead

Coyote's 12-string Alvarez acoustic guitarCoyote's Alvarez 12-string acoustic guitar is performed on every song of the American Zen LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind album. "I wrote every song on this guitar," says a wide-eyed Coyote with his Cary Grant enthusiasm.

FREE SONG: "Don't Push Me"

Rory G
Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Synthesizer,Ukulele

Rory G's 1965 Pleasant Slide GuitarRory's Pleasant guitar was a gift from his father. That was really cool for him. He wasn't excited about my playing guitar until after that birthday party we played. We each got $15 bucks and we were so excited that my dad even got exited.

for his Fender Stratocaster:
.011 - .011 - .016 - .026 - .-036 - .046

Tom Calder
Bass Guitar, Vox Organ, Backing Vocal

Tom Calder's 1959 Green Rickenbacker 4000 bassTom plays a Rickenbacker 4000 custom built by the Ricky factory in the 1950s. "Because of it's shorter truss rods than the newer 4001 basses, the guys at the factory warned me to only use flat wound strings," says Tom. "Their advice has worked well for years. Unfortunately, flat wound strings are hard to find."

Steve Hixon
Drums, Backing Vocal

Steve Hixon LIVE with American ZenSteve Hixon and Tom Calder are self-taught musicians. Rory and Coyote are both classically trained. Perhaps this is another aspect of the Yin and Yang of American Zen."I can't read a note of music," says Steve. "But you comes from your heart, not a piece of paper."

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