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Where's Coyote?

Coyote, The

acoustic guitar -   Alvarez 12-string
flute -   Selmer-Bundy
vocal -   Singer-Songwriter

Coyote's been a folk rock troubadour, hitchhiking across Canada and the United States armed with cowboy hat, harmonica and Bowie knife.

He looks like Richard Gere and acts like Cary Grant. He sings like John Lennon of The Beatles and howls like Jim Morrison of the Doors.

The Coyote, folk rock troubadour American Zen
He's a poet. Coyote has been publishing his poetry since elementary school.

This album, LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind, contains 11 songs plus 11 recited poems.

Poem sample--> Free poetry sample

The songs were written in the order they are on the CD. This rock opera tells the true Here I am.  FolkRockPodcast.comstory of Coyote's relocation to Utah.

"This is the first level of my spiritual Buddhist journey," says Coyote. "I had pretty much shed my Catholic cocoon already. Dealing with the Mormons and learning what they were about, taught me a lot about Christianity in general."

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