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and Thoughts

It's tough...

It's tough to be alone

It's difficult to work in teamwork

It's impossible to plan the future

It's frustrating to depend on other people


It's hard to shape a dream into reality

It's lonely to realize freedom

It's crowded to be wanted

It's confusing to guess what's right


The only way to live is to be your dream


When people look at photos of me (with my super-happy smile) I hope that they will realize that innumerable obstacles plagued me. Friends deserted me, lovers cheated, coworkers lied, and employers cheated me. The happiness in my world is not luck or circumstance. I created my realities and comforts through incredible effort and persistence.

As importan t as what I created is what I have ingnored.

The despair, misfortune, bad luck, resistance, deceit, and disappointments were best forgotten immediately.

Neither success or failure exist in the future.

Only our perceptions continue with us.

* "Hmmm, kind of a Zen Thing, already, forming here."

* Oration from the CD by American Zen, LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind.

Lyrics used by permission from shaolinRECORDS.com
© Copyright 2005 shaolinMUSIC.com
All rights reserved.

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