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Book by:    Richard Del Connor                                  

The AntiChrist

An epic poem poetic novel by Richard Del Connor

RELEASE FORM for purchasing or receiving the AntiChrist book in PDF format.

Release Form

I, _____________________________________, would like to purchase a copy of The AntiChrist book by Richard Del Connor, from Shaolin Communications.

I realize this is a sensitive topic and quotes may be detrimental to reputations if referred to out of context or referred to at all.

Despite my personal opinions, religion, or personal beliefs, I am interested in reading what Richard Del Connor wrote on this Anti-Christ topic and will try not to be offended by what Richard shared of his personal life and his controversial imaginative creativity.

No persons referred to in this book will be contacted by myself or as a result of my conversations of this book. Nor will I contact the author or book publisher with complaints or comments unless I am willing to have those comments published, free of charge and without notification, for promotion of the book, artist, or publisher. (Names will be withheld unless you provide permission to use your name with your comments.)

In the event I should be motivated to cause harm, trouble, difficulty, prosecutions, torment, suffering, or vengeance, to anyone or myself, I will seek professional medical help before publicly or privately expressing these negative motivations. Any actions or mistakes that may occur after reading this book will not be attributed to or blamed on this book -- as it was probably just a coincidence anyway.

It is the author's and publisher's desire to enrich the lives of whoever reads The AntiChrist. The poetry is a phenomenal achievement of the author, Richard Del Connor, who has been writing poetry since 1964. We hope that you will be amazed, impressed, and entertained by this epic poem written in 2011.

Please send me the link to purchase and download THE ANTICHRIST book by Richard Del Connor.




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