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Kung Fu Cowboy - PART 1
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CD: LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me
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Record Producer: Richard Del Connor
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Sid's Place novel
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American Zen
CD: Level 2 = Christ Killer
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Utah - Phase 1
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AmZen LEVEL 1 album
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Autumn Flavours poetry book
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AmZen Buddhist Rock PODCAST
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Kung Fu Cowboy

1959 Rickenbacker 4000 bass

Coyote's bass playing should earn him a magazine cover, but the sexy, sexy, bass on the bass poem, "Dear Lara," should earn him a nod from Tom Jones.

"Kill The Spider" is a a real rocker.

"Spirit Gun" is a wild song about cartoon fighting.

"Flintridge Fire" is all fingersnaps, claps = 100% natural.

"King Solomon's Temple Penny Whistle" = Penny Whistle.

"You're Lazy" is kazoos.

"Elaine" is Coyote on swords.




Kung Fu Cowboy

Rory G and his 1965 Japanese PLEASANT slide guitar
Aged pages by Coyote.

"No, I didn't _____ on the them!"

This is the rough draft of the book, KUNG FU COWBOY.

I think it would've been, or will be a really cool book.

When I changed the storyline of KUNG FU COWBOY LEVEL 1 to the story of Hiram Abif, this handwritten rough draft was the last version I worked on.

Instead of finishing this book, I storyboarded the entire LEVEL 4 PART 1 album into a musical rock opera.

The videos will be really cool. It takes place in King Solomon's Temple, near its completion, when the head architect, Hiram Abif, was murdered.

This book has some pages I rewrote, so that the handwriting was easier to read on some of the poetry. It's a cool glimpse into the way I structure and prepare a book.

If you're already a fan of mine, I'm sure you'll like it.




I Want You To Love Me

Marshall Woodson at Coconut Teazer club
"Bettie" beats 'em hard.

LEVEL 3 album cover foldout

The first fully digital album by Shaolin Records.

Produced by Richard Del Connor, using ProTools, it is also the first album that Coyote was the drummer.

Check out the webstories at americanZEN.org

Check out the album website at
LEVEL3iWANTyoutoLOVEme.com for song samples.

Check out the Kung Fu Cowboy website.

Check out...



Record Producer

Richard Del Connor

The original Kung Fu Cowboy
This is what I looked like married.
It looks like I swallowed something
that wants to come back up.

I started in the UCLA Motion Picture Program in 1984. I graduated in 1987 and made a bunch of music videos, tv commercials, MTV segments, and special effects scenes for movies.

Then I got married.

Then I got unmarried and became a photojournalist. What kind of photojournalist? Well


Then Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy got interested in my first screenplay, COYOTE IN A GRAVEYARD.

Michael J. Fox created a buzz for me when he came onstage with my band one night and asked to play, "Johnny B. Goode," which he was getting ready to film for some upcoming movie called, BACK TO THE FUTURE.

Hey, I guess that means I may have helped him in the part a little bit. I'll have to go check out that movie and look at that scene again. I was playing bass while he borrowed the guitar player's guitar. So it was Michael J. Fox, Richard Connor, and drummer Bruce Candelaria, and keyboardist Scott Hitchings.

Oh yeah, back in those days I was still recording, but I wasn't a Recording Engineer anymore, as I had been in the seventies. Because I was well known as a studio designer, musicians like Fleetwood Mac and Producer David Foster would call me to remodel their studios or build speaker cabinets.

Mostly, I enjoyed the artistic part of building and shaping something, like sculpture. But being known as, "The Carpenter," was not what I was aiming at. I wanted to be a RECORD PRODUCER.



The Hippy Coyote

Sid's Place

Kung Fu Cowboy hanging out with Saquaro
Don has started his own website
about record engineering.

Psychedelic services provided by the happy hippie:
THE HIPPY COYOTE of American Zen.

This is the first novel published by Shaolin Communications.

If you get one of the first edition downloads, consider it a "Collector's Item" with typos. Sorry.

We were being evicted. I slapped it together and didn't have time for anyone to proofread it before I uploaded it to the internet.

I think I've finished the next edition--but lost my computer.

Before I could upload it though, I also recorded the AUDIOBOOK of this novel. BOOM. I lost my computer before I could edit it.

But, here it is. Maybe it'll be pristine by the time you order it.




Christ Killer

Kung Fu Cowboy hanging out with Saquaro
Coyote in a Graveyard

This album really scares people.

I thought people'd complain or write bad reviews...but they're just really scared of it.

Guilt. Most people ARE Christ Killers.

Once you understand the concept, you can see how profound this album and storyline is.

By the way, by the end of the album I did make peace with the Mormons, the Elders, the polygamists...

Check out the poetry book, Utah Phase 1 to see how Coyote reads music. The lyric sheets Coyote used to cut their new album, LEVEL 2 = PEACE OF MIND.

Did you know Coyote used to play trombone?

Check out Daryoon's SLIDE GUITAR on "Daryoon" and "I Want To Laugh #2."



The Hippy Coyote

Utah Phase 1

Motorcycle designed by Coyote
This is my dream bike. I designed it and one my Shaolin Records A&R people, Damien Hunter, drew it for me.

Steve GIVES COYOTE his Custom 500 Trophy Triumph Motorcyle. Steve and his dad are upgrading to the 650 Bonneville Triumphs.

"Bettie wanted me to ride with him, so he gave me a motorcycle. That's Steve for ya," explains Coyote.

The custom designed handlebars of Coyote's new bike look like steer antlers, heavy metal style.

"The orange flamed gas tank isn't what I would have asked for," says Coyote. "But I'm not complaining. The engine's been bored out to 580 or something -- and my favorite part: Steve said the speedometer detracted from the beauty of his custom designed handlebars -- so no speedometer."

Coyote's already had this lack of odometer/speedometer pointed out to him by a couple neighborhood policemen -- when they could catch him. I'll let Steve tell that story.

Steve and Coyote spend the most time together. They both like to sit and "veg out" listening to vinyl records and eating popcorn. They are true music lovers.

In the studio they each act as a coach for the other person. When Coyote's getting tired Steve will make him take a water break. When Steve's tired, Coyote makes him "jam-out" on something completely spontaneous. They're good for each other.




Peace Of Mind

Coyote at the Coconut Teazer Hollywood
My tobacco Stratocaster

I can't believe it. I'm back in LEVEL 1 again...




Autumn Flavours

Coyote's first poetry book 1974
Coyote in wolf's clothing

Shaolin Records is a multimedia company.

We produce records, audiobooks, movies, videos, and poetry books.



The Hippy Coyote

American Zen
Buddhist Rock Podcast

Autumn Flavours POETRY BOOK by The Hippy Coyote
Homepage of CoyoteRadio.net
where you can download and subscribe to
the American Zen Buddhist Rock Podcast.

LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind

These are the first 20 podcasts recorded by The Coyote of American Zen.

We've started the LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer series of podcasts.

Stay tuned!




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