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Where is Earth?
Coyote's Relativity theories from 1980s.

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Connor Black Hole Bubble Theory

Origins of Big Bang and
Where Black Holes Lead To

version:  science fiction book
size: notebook: 8.5" x 11"

(Format sold here:  PDF download + bonus item)

by Richard Del Connor

Origins of Big Bang and Where Black Holes Lead To

Coyote Explains Black Holes, Big Bang, and Reality.

During Coyote's years in UCLA he spent time in the UCLA library and book store where he studied books on Zen Buddhism and Quantum Physics. In 1987 Coyote finally understood travelling beyond the speed of light and existence beyond our 3-dimensional awareness. This led to several years of enlightenment that would for the first time in human history explain gravity, the origins of our universe and what black holes actually are.

Hiding his journals from prying eyes Coyote sought a book publisher to aid him in enlightening the world. None were interested. Publishers decided that Coyote's wild theories would "shake up the fabric of human civilization and lead to ultimate chaos." Wow. Appears the Vatican is still controlling the world's science.

So now, for the first time anywhere or anytime in human history, these theories are revealed to the public. If anyone else has been similarly enlightened they were killed or silenced. From 2008 to 2011, Coyote sent letters to Professor Stephen Hawking and several of his contempories and scientific rivals. Every one of them refused to comment on these theories of Coyote because it would cause each of them to rewrite their scientific theories and equations.

This is a glimpse into Coyote's theories that the world's publishers want him to keep concealed and buried in his storage locker.

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