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We hope these Frequently Asked Questions 'FAQs'
will provide the information you seek.

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1. Is Christ Killer satanic?

Coyote was raised Catholic and has so much respect for Christ that he is uncomfortable with the bloody figurines of Jesus on the cross.


2. So Coyote is allergic to crosses?

Only when inserted into the chest.


3. How do Buddhists get into Heaven?

With nothing.


4. If Coyote's so smart, why is he a Buddhist?

Our poetic hippie says that when he found out what Buddhism was about -- he realized he was already a Buddhist. Coyote claims that Buddhism requires you to be smart, or it doesn't work.


5. Is American Zen the first Buddhist rock band in America?

We've been making that claim since 1991 and no one has disagreed yet.


6. Is Coyote the best flute player in the world?

Somebody's got to be -- and we don't know of anyone better.


7. Where can I buy American Zen's LEVEL 1 cd

You can also order your cd directly from Shaolin Records* or the other website vendors below.

"Level 1 = Peace Of Mind" cd List Price: $18.88

*Check for our current discounts at Shaolin Records

Buy American Zen CDs from CDbaby.comBuy your LEVEL 1 cd


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7. What happens if I start feeling spiritual?

Hurry and find a religion.


8. My question is not on this FAQ page. What should I do?

Visit our "Support Page" on for current information and contacts.

Or visit the following websites for more information:


9. Money-back Guarantee

Although this album criticizes Catholics and Mormons and the FBI -- we hope that all faiths and people will have a sense of humor, respect Coyote's opinions, and still enjoy listening to some of the world's best bass playing, great songwriting, and unique poetry.

We will gladly REPLACE any defective CD, but if your Bishop tells you not to listen to our CD... then that's between you and your religion.


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