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A School To Create Buddhas

Buddha Kung Fu Student Manual by Master ZhenTujunga, California. January 2008. Buddha Zhen launches BUDDHA KUNG FU, a new Kung Fu school using the Shaolin Chi Mantis Shaolin Kung Fu curriculums and Shaolin Weapons curriculums. By eliminating some of the traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Forms, a few of the Shaolin weapons, and not including any of the Praying Mantis Kung Fu curriculums, Buddha Zhen created a 5-year curriculum that is "doable" for Americans.

The Buddha Kung Fu STUDENT MANUAL is a combination of the Shaolin Gongfu Initiate book, Tai Chi Youth New Student Packet, and dozens of new pages written by Buddha Zhen to inspire traditional Chinese values such as "Filial Piety," "Loyalty," "Devotion,"...

This is the FIRST INTERACTIVE INTERNET STUDENT MANUAL in the world. Due to the hundreds of preexisting webpages and websites of Buddha Zhen, this book is enhanced as it links the readers computer to the internet websites where more possibilities exist for students to interact and view hundreds of free webpages of Shaolin Chi Mantis and Shaolin Communications.

If you want to know what Zen Buddhism is all about, BUY THIS BOOK!

PDF Resumes of Buddha Zhen (Richard Del Connor)

The following resumes can be downloaded. Some information may exist on several resumes, while each resume contains some unique piece of information relevant to the various purposes these resumes are used for.

Resume of Buddha Zhen: TCY Patriarch 2011

Resume of Buddha Zhen: CEO of Tai Chi Youth (Executive Director)

The New Bodhidharma

Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang, Spirit Wolf of TruthWhen the 28th Patriarch of Buddhism left India to meet the Chinese Emperor, he probably wasn't intending to start a new religion.

Just as the followers of Jesus, turned some of his words into a new religion, so also did the followers of Bodhidharma transform his words and final years at the Shaolin Temple into a new religion.

Unfortunately, just as people have transformed Christianity into many flavors and mistakes, so have the Buddhists also transformed Bodhidharma's concepts and words into many religions that have little relationship to their founder's goals.

Buddha Zhen's life since 1980 has been a path of reconnecting the Buddhist teachings that evolved from Bodhidharma's thoughts with the Kung Fu he also started in the 6th Century AD.

Bodhidharma created the first Kung Fu exercises, "The 18 Hands of Luohan," which grew into today's Shaolin Kung Fu. Bodhidharma's original manuscripts were destroyed by the Manuchurian government, but the concepts and beliefs have spawned a new flavor of Buddhism.

The Zen Buddhism of Japan was imported from the Shaolin Temple, but the Japanese Monks didn't stay long enough to learn much Kung Fu. Only a few Japanese Temples kept their Shaolin Kung Fu drills alive and passed them down to each successive generation of Japanese Buddhist Monks. However, most of the Japanese Buddhists eliminated the exercises entirely and substituted sitting meditation instead. Some heard of the Shaolin Zen Monks using staffs in their training. Unfortunately, the closest they got to staff training was beating each other in the back with a stick if the meditating monk fell asleep.

The Kung Fu of the Shaolin Temple has also mutated into a violent martial art that usually does not include any Buddhist religious information. People travel to the Shaolin Temple to learn the fighting, not the Buddhism.

Buddha Zhen is living proof that the combination of Zen Buddhism PLUS Shaolin Kung Fu is the ultimate Buddhist religion. His power to transform lives, cure diseases, improve the characters and personalities of his students is testimony of his spiritual success.

BOOK COVER of the Buddha Kung Fu Student ManualNow, with the publication of the BUDDHA KUNG FU STUDENT MANUAL, Buddha Zhen has provided a convenient manner for persons to experience Buddha Zhen's teachings and see the awards and photos of his Kung Fu schools in Utah and California.

Zhen Shen-Lang, the "Spirit Wolf of Truth," is the "New Bodhidharma."

Various Website Resumes of Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang

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