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Started with an iMac Blueberry
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One-Man Enterprise
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Kung Fu Connection
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Coyote Radio - Voice of The Coyote
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Shaolin Records Podcasting News
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Webmaster Richard O'Connor


Started with an iMac Blueberry

Still using an iMac, the new G5, or the last of the Macintosh G5s before the Intel chips...

I've been using Dreamweaver since 2000.

Perhaps Fireworks is cool, but I've been using Photoshop since 1999 and I've finally got it house trained.

We're still not using Flash either. If I'm gonna go motion pictures, I want to go all the way... soon.

One-Man Enterprise

Shaolin Records is a part of Shaolin CommunicationsBeing self-taught is not what I'd prefer. Perhaps there are other persons who could mentor me?

I've been visiting blogs and studying online tutorials -- I think I want a secretary. Am I still a one-man operation if I have a secretary?

I lived out of my Ford E-300 Van, affectionately named, "Evan," Professional Photography by The Coyotefor a year and a half while working as a Union Carpenter for the United Brotherhood of Carpenters andJoiners at the LAX.This was ayear preceeding the 1984 Olympics and during the Olympics... it was a good job, except for the jet noise.

I saved up enough to launch my first record, TEMPTATION, by Richard O'Connor. More on that later!

Since then, sold cassettes in Utah, cassingles to college radio and NOW:

Shaolin Communications HOMEPAGE



CD #1: LEVEL 1 = PEACE OF MIND by American Zen. "America's First Buddhist Rock Band"
CD #2: LEVEL 2 = CHRIST KILLER by American Zen. "Psychedelic Folk Rock"

I also editied and published two poetry books in the last year:

Poetry Book #1: Utah - Phase 1 by The Hippy Coyote
Poetry Book #2: Autumn Flavours by The Hippy Coyote

More to come!

Signature Chop of Richard O'ConnorRichard Del Connor
President - Producer of Shaolin Records

Kung Fu Connection

All our enterprises seem to have some Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi or Zen Buddhism mixed into them somewhere.

I recently decided that this was more internally based than mentally planned.

Zhen Song Dao Front Kindergarten Front KickShaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi and Zen Buddhism are significant aspects of my daily life. It is natural for me to incorporate them into my business life and private life.

More importantly though is a lesson Dr. Kam Yuen taught me, "Kung Fu represents how you live your life."

He was teaching me the Northern Shaolin Gongfu Form, "Lian Bu," or "Ling Po," as he referred to it in Cantonese. Shifu Yuen was encouraging me to reach out farther with my strikes. "The amount you reach out in your Kung Fu is the amount you reach out in your daily world." I'm not sure what the last part was exactly, but you get the point: by reaching out in Kung Fu you reach out in life. If you are guarded and closed in like a clam, then you will live your life keeping people and opportunities out of your daily world.

That's another reason I created the website, actZEN.com:  Every person should SEE how they live their life.

Coyote Radio - Voice of The Coyote

When I attended MUN, Memorial University of Newfoundland, I saw an ad posted for a DJ at the college radio station. I was excited. I remember being very excited.

A week later I was loading those 8-Track cassettes of shows, IDs, and commercials, in between the songs I played.

Coyote Radio - Voice of The Hippy CoyoteThe songs I played? WHATEVER I WANT. Oh that was fun. I enjoy sharing my favorite music with others.

My voice. I hope there aren't any recordings of thos e radio shows. I was experimenting. I used Cheech & Chong voices. I immitated Wolf Man Jack. Overall it was fun and I learned my first studio techniques.

This was 1970, and being from San Diego, California, I had been influenced by the cutting edge music more than most people. Our drummer, "Thick," as we called him, worked in a record store so we had access to the newest stuff...

I really appreciated discovering Hendrix the very week his "Are You Experienced?" album hit the stores. I loved discovering the best of the new talent... and then explaining how I appreciated them.

I guess that's what I measure myself against. I want to be the best new / old / future talent... and explain what I appreciate...

Shaolin Records Podcasting News

Coyote Radio Voice of The Hippy CoyoteWe've got several podcast series started and planned.


American Zen Buddhist Rock Podcast - LEVEL 2
__ Episodes
5 to 10 minutes each
Host & DJ: The Hippy Coyote
Content: Poetry, Music, Short Stories, Zen Wisdoms
Genre: Classic Rock, Folk Rock, Acoustic Music, Adult Alternative, Singer-Songwriter, Psychedelic Folk
Description: Coyote reads the webstories and poetry of www.americanZEN.org. Adding comments and his unique voice, Coyote reinforces the fun and frollicky attitude of his band, American Zen. Buddhism is an underlying theme that the Zen Dudes resort to for understanding their daily catastrophes.

Download / Subscribe: www.CoyoteRadio.net


Christ Killer foldout album coverWe've had a problem with iTunes and are backtracking to get things under control.

We deleted all the MP3 podcasts because everyone was using the superior MP4 or AAC format which has slide show links.

Send us an email and we will let you know as soon as we start our next podcast series:
The American Zen Buddhist Rock Podcast

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