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Kung Fu and Tai Chi
Shaolin Chi Mantis traditional Buddhist Gongfu and Yang Taijiquan    of
Shaolin Chi Mantis  

Calligraphy by Buddha Zhen
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Cartoons & Drawings by BZ
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Cartoons & Drawings by Students of Buddha Z
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Brush Paintings by BZ
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Clothing Art by BZ
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Marble Art by Zhen
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Spearmaker Zhen
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by Buddha Zhen

Chinese Calligraphy by Master Zhen Shen-Lang, Spirit Wolf of Truth
"Shaolin Qi Tanglang"

Available for purchase someday!

Hundreds of words and logos and symbols were drawn by Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang during the mid-nineties when he was enrolled in Chinese school.

Buddha Zhen also created a unique calligraphy for writing the text on his Kung Fu school certificates and awards in English.

Some of these are worth having for screensavers...



Cartoons & Drawings

Art by Zhen

Chinese dragon by Master Zhen
Original Dragon Sketch by BZ

Available for purchase someday!

This dragon drawing was done by Zhen standing outside one of his favorite Chinese restaurants in Utah. A similar dragon was mounted on the outside wall.

Buddha Zhen used this dragon statue from China as the inspiration for this work.

Although Buddha Zhen began production of a Kung Fu cartoon book series, those artworks were supplied by his students. Production of this comic book series is awaiting some new talented artists from the Los Angeles area classes.



Cartoons & Drawings

Art by Disciples of Buddha Z

Buddha Zhen drawn by Disciple Bo Jie-Ming
Buddha Zhen drawn by Disciple Bo Jie-Ming 1996.

Available for purchase someday?

In 1996 we began production on a Kung Fu comic book series.

Several of my Utah students were excellent artists. They started submitting their pictures to me, just to impress me.

It worked. I was impressed and wanted to help them develop their talents by giving them a focused output with intellectual and spiritual development woven into the storyline they would create.

I reasoned that this Kung Fu warrior comic book series would not only inspire Americans, with it's Chinese Confucian themes, it would also inspire and develop the artists themselves, as they created the comic book series.

From 2000 to 2008, I received no artwork or graphics from my California students and Disciples, so this project was halted when I left Utah in 1999.

If I don't complete the comic book series, perhaps I will release the student artwork in some other type of collection.

Starting in 2010, we will shooting the www.shaolinINTERACTIVE.com online Kung Fu website. Perhaps I can find a way to utilize some of this artwork in the online programs. Most artists don't get enough appreciation or credit, so I'd like to help these talented youths as much as I can.

It's been over a dozen years since I've seen some of these artists. I hope they are doing well, and better.




Brush Paintings by Zhen

Buddha Zhen's Chinese Brush Paintings
Original Yin-Yang Artworks
painted with large natural hair brushes from China.

Available for purchase someday!

While studying calligraphy, Buddha Zhen also studied Japanes black and white brush art and Chinese watercolor painting.

The brush art was done from large to larger and some are worth framing.

These artworks have yet to unpacked from Buddha Zhen's relocation to California.




Clothing Art by Zhen

CafePress shirts with Master Zhen calligraphy on them.
T-shirt calligraphy by Zhen.

Available for purchase NOW!

Wear Your Zen!

Calligraphy by Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang, Spirit Wolf of Truth.

Visit our CafePress stores to purchase this wide variety of clothing and accessories:



Marble Art by Zhen

Marble Artworks by Master Zhen using ancient Japanese techniques.
Marble Art by Buddha Zhen.
(Japanese style with oil paints.)

Available for purchase SOON!

This is another Japanese art style that Buddha Zhen studied.

One of his students owned a clothing store and gave him some clothing racks that BZ adapted into hanging racks for his marble art which requires soaking the entire piece of art in paint, floating atop water.

With over 100 pieces of marble art by Buddha Zhen, we are excited about ways to put this art to use. Screensavers would be an excellent idea too!

From the psychedelic to the tradtional, Buddha Zhen's experimentation and Japanese calligraphy instructor inspired some wild artworks.

NOTE: In 2009, some of these artworks were used for Tai Chi Letterhead for the Board of Trustees Officers, and their business cards. Psychedelic Zen Tai Chi?




Spearmaker Zhen

Buddha Zhen's favorite long weapon is the Shaolin Monk Spade
Buddha Zhen's
hand made monk spade.

Sorry!  No longer available.

As a Kung Fu Master, Shifu Zhen had to procure many weapons for his students, just so he could teach them to this students.

When Buddha Zhen moved to California he became inundated with requests for custom spears and swords. Some professional WuShu artists travelled various tournaments competing with Buddha Zhen's spears and swords. This created a nationwide clientelle for Buddha Zhen's weapons. Also, the belts and harnesses he custom built for swords, were in such demand that Buddha Zhen was having to purchase a dozen belts a week.

Perhaps, if he'd had a carpentry workshop, he would have mechanically shaped the spears...but, with only a few orders per week, Buddha Zhen found time to sit on his porch and whittle the spears for his online customers during the first years of this century. Each spear was hand carved with one of his "fighting knives," until the spearheads fit snugly. The shaping and tassels were attached for a balance of beauty and practical durability.

Buddha Zhen says that he often felt more like keeping these custom made weapons than selling them. "Some of the swords and belt harnesses I made were better than the ones I use," says BZ.

Currently, spearmaking by Zhen has been suspended, except for his immediate students. Since the 9/11 Incident, shipping charges often cost more than the handmade spears.



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