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Book by:    Richard Del Connor,  "The Hippy Coyote"

Coyote in mid 1970s
Poet Philosopher Photographer Composer...

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Season Of Fours

All 4 Seasons
of a Young Man's Life

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Richard Del Connor American Poet Philosopher

by Richard Del Connor

Four seasons of Coyote's life = 12 years?

Four seasons of Coyote's life = 12 years?

From Autumn to Winter
to Spring to Summer = 1 Life Year

When I wrote Autumn Flavours I visualized life as sets of seasons.

Not one set of seasons for your whole life, but ONE SET of seasons for EACH SECTION OF YOUR LIFE.

So, four seasons of being a teenager, four seasons of being in your twenties...

These seasons are not symetrical.

It's up to each person to determine how long each season lasts.

Some people get stuck in this "Autumn" and then never progress to love and wisdom.

You can apply this season concept to projects and jobs also.

The WINTER SEASON is where your intentions are good, but reality doesn't conform to your desires--yet.

In SPRING FEVERS section of life, you get what you want. You get greedy. You are self-indulgent. You are successful.

In SUMMER FOREVERS section of life, you realize that money and success are not the measure of your life. You want TO BE a better person and discover the "meaning of life," your destiny, and a purpose to live for.

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