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Book by:    Buddha Z

Coyote discovers God and his Black Box
Autobiography of the Kung Fu Cowboy

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Supersoul 13

Discovering the Soul of God

version:  autobiography
size: notebook: 8.5" x 11"

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Shaolin Records, founded in 1984

by Buddha Z

Coyote performing Tujunga 2010

Homeless Prophet

Supersoul 13: Discovering the Soul of God is the autobiography of Richard Del Connor, writing under the author name of Buddha Z. As a traveling stagehand during the summer of 2013, he evaluates, comments and shares excerpts of the ancient Vedic scriptures he discovered on the way home from working a Kenny Chesney concert at Anaheim Stadium. Richard, known as "Kung Fu Cowboy" to his fellow stagehands, begins to believe that all humans possess two souls: an individual personal soul plus a small piece of God, the Supersoul which returns to God when we die. This piece of God is described by Richard as the "black box" of our life that replays our events for our "final judgement."

Richard, known as "Buddha Zhen" to his Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu students, explains that our relationship with our Supersoul defines our spiritual life. "Right and wrong" is our harmonizing or conflicting with this second soul within us.

Supersoul is an ancient Hindu concept that will modernize the way people can understand their relationship to God.

  1. Material Life
  2. Yoga
  3. Bhagavad Gita Vedic Scripture
  4. Human Nature
  5. 3 Types of Materia Nature
  6. Karma
  7. 4 Divisions of Human Society
  8. 6 Aggressor Types
  9. The Angels / Demigods
10. Happiness is Godliness
11. Eternal Religion
12. The God Element
13. To Serve
14. Dharma
15. The Pure Life
16. Polluting the Words of God
17. The Two Soul Concept
18. Messages from God
19. Saintly Persons
20. The Next Life
21. Misery Anxiety and Fear
22. Pleasure of Joy poem
23. Amnesia Injection poem
24. Focus
25. Personal Motivations
26. Supersoul
27. Who's Your Daddy?
28. Buddhism Has No God?
29. Death
30. Maya
31. Faith
32. Into the Fold
33. Path to God
34. Religion & Philosophy
35. Footsteps of the Lord
36. Ego and False Ego
37. 3 Types of Humans
38. 4 Classes and 3 Modes of Humanity
39. Spiritual Cycle
40. Sinful Reactions
41. Spiritual Life
42. 8 LEVELS of Enlightenment of American Zen
43. Fruitive Workers
44. Sacrifice
45. Spirit Sex
46. Spiritual Master
47. More Maya
48. Surrender
49. Honor and Obey Cherish and Protect
50. Absolute Truth
51. Devotion = To Serve
52. The Perfect Yogi
53. 4 Kinds of Pious Men
54. God's Way
55. Good or Bad
56. Voices of God
57. 4 Types of Devotion
58. Worship Who?
59. Bottom Line
60. Nonviolence
61. Equanimity
62. Archangels
63. God Told Me To
64. Sympathy for the Devil
65. God's Opulence
66. Demon Queller
67. Son of God
68. Kung Fu to Heaven
69. Field of Activities
70. Knowledge Is
71. Modes of Life
72. American Zen Spirituality
73. Spiritual ALlies of All Faiths, Denominations, and Atheists


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