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DIGITAL  ART                       by  The Hippy Coyote            of  AMERICAN ZEN

American Zen
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I Need One Of Those Tablets
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Digital Art = Digital Coyote.
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Coyote Screensavers
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Coyote Album Covers
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Coyote Photography
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Digital Coyote

I STILL Need One Of Those Tablets

Old fashioned pen and typewriter

No, not a pill. A tablet. A drawing tablet.

As I mentioned on my ARTWORK BY COYOTE webpage, a professional artist friend of mine was saying he does all his work in Photoshop, not even one of the painting programs. He also advised me to get a drawing tablet for my computer.

So I guess I'd better figure out how to get a Wacom tablet... Coyote Hippie Logo


by The Hippy Coyote

DIgital Art = Digital Coyote

Coyote Hippie Logoby The Hippy Coyote

My books have become art.

Quark Xpress has empowered me to make books that I can PRINT as PDFs.

I am a one man enterprise. I have now conquered my last obstacle in desktop publishing: PRINTING.

By printing to PDF and allowing the customer to have my books on the computer OR printed too cool.

Coyote Screensavers

I made thes back in 1999 and 2000 with my toddler helping twist knobs and buttons and click and drag..

I've got to make sure what sizes to reformat these into and I'll be glad to final edit them and crop them to the needed sizes for various computer monitors.

Anyone help me with this?

These are fun.

Let me know how you like your screensaver. If you send me a story of how you were inspired by it, I'll SEND YOU A FREE SCREENSAVER.

Send me a story at:

Screensaver Packages are compressed into ZIP files and must by opened after downloading. Get a FREE STUFFIT ZIP unzipper if you need one.

Screensaver Packages include the following screensizes:

Screensaver Packages each include 8 screensavers.

Additional Screensaver Packages can be purchased and then you can mix up your screensavers or change their order... Have fun!

Coyote Hippie Logo

by The Hippy Coyote

Screensaver Package: "Tranquil"

Screensaver Package: "Dragon"

Screensaver Package: "Warrior"

Screensaver Package: "Enlightenment"

Screensaver Package: "Cosmos"

Screensaver Package: "Tiger"

Coyote Album Covers

Coyote Hippie Logoby The Hippy Coyote

NOTE: We may be able to include album cover art in album downloads from Shaolin Records. For now, if you didn't get the album artwork, you can download them from Coyote's Album Cover Webpage. The album covers and inside booklets and tray cards are available for each of our albums at COYOTE'S ALBUM COVER WEBPAGE. Download them for free.

Album Cover for Christ Killer by American ZenAlbum covers are a unique artform. I started in gig flyers many years ago.

I learned the old-fashioned 'paste-up' skills on art boards.


Peace Of Mind album coverSo I understand marketing, advertising, and packaging. A difficult blend. I want to make posters and album covers that people will want to post on their bedroom walls.

The first album cover, for LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind by American Zen, was my first album cover project.

So, on my second album cover, LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer by American Zen, I had bigger goals. The above album cover is the FOLDED OUT CD cover. I just noticed, the above image doesn't have the "LEVEL 2" in the bottom right corner. Cool.

Anyway when you see the BACK of the Christ Killer CD, you'll see I worked hard to create the information, on top of the cool graphic, without obliterating the graphic behind/underneath.

Coyote Photography

Coyote Self-Portrait

I have several styles of photography:


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