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Book by:    Rachel Connor                           

More respect for more ecology
The Future of Earth and Earthlings

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Rachel Connor
Rachel doing man's work.


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Father Earth

Mother Earth is Our Father

version:  philosophy book
size: notebook: 8.5" x 11"

(Format sold here:  PDF download)
Shaolin Records, founded in 1984

by Rachel Connor

Respect Father Earth

Respect Your Father

In a brief book by Rachel Connor, we reconsider the name of our planet, or at least the sex of our planet. Rachel states that men have been raping and pillaging our planet for the past 1,000 years with little regard for her/him.

She believes that by changing the perspective of our planet, we will certainly improve our ecological behavior to some extent.

Perhaps her suggestion of combining "Mother Nature" and "Father Earth" to provide us a new life and a longer future will make a difference. Her main goal is to inspire people to be more considerate of our habitat.

The book contains inspirational photographs by The Hippy Coyote from his 1994 Vision Quest, "Hanblechia," to the Lakota Sioux Reservation where Chief Richard Sparrow Eagle sent him to Bear Butte also. Crazy Horse, Red Cloud, and other spirit guides inspired Coyote on a further journey to The Medicine Wheel and Yellowstone also.


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Father Earth
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