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Autumn Flavours poetry book was written during early 1970s. Other writings of Coyote include:



Sid's Place

Experience the WOODSTOCK YEARS with Sid's Place
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Contains lyrics and poetry
by The Coyote from the early seventies and recently also to portray lyrics from songs of the late sixties that Coyote remembered during these incidents...

Coyote was exiled from the United States in 1970. This book is a fictional representation of what might have happened if Coyote hadn't been forced to live in exile on the island of Newfoundland.

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Warning for Sid's Place content

Contents of book Sid's PlaceBack cover of novel, Sid's Place


Poetry Book:

Autumn Flavours

Autumn Flavours POETRY BOOK by The Hippy Coyote
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Coyote graduated High School in St. John's, Newfoundland. There, on that remote arctic island, they spell and speak the olde British tongue.

Flavors is spelled, "flavours." Colors is spelled, "colours."

We modernized the name of the book for the website domain name of:

Coyote said there are a lot of writings in this book that surprised him. "I've changed a lot since my teenage years," Coyote professes.

This is Coyote's first book of poetry and contains several poems from his San Diego State College poetry classes.


Poetry Book:

Utah - Phase 1

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The lyrics to most of Coyote's songs are poetry worth reading without the music.

This poetry book, Utah - Phase 1, was the precursor of what would become the 8 Levels of American Zen's Buddhist Journey.

This is a scanned copy of Coyote's ORIGINAL draft with his own editorial notes about each poem handwritten on the bottom of each page.

"A Long Way Home" depicts Coyote's desire to return to California. "Free The Change" criticizes the Mormon robotic mind. "Simple Lady" finds Coyote remembering peaceful moments in his life to escape his discomforts.

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SAMPLE lyric sheet from poetry book Utah Phase 1Christ Killer LYRIC SHEET SAMPLE


Also available:

Level 1 = Peace Of Mind

American Zen's Debut Album CD

Poetry becomes Music

A fitting companion for the poetry book, AUTUMN FLAVOURS, this album contains the songs of the lyrics contained in Utah - Phase 1.

11 poems are recited by Coyote plus 11 songs - 22 tracks on this debut album by American Zen.

This dark album was recorded in Coyote's living room with band members travelling up from San Diego and Los Angeles, California, to help out.

Coyote's flute playing and lyrics show his musical genius that continues to grow with each song he writes.

Recorded while Coyote spent a couple years in Utah, this album tells about his search for contentment as poverty, snow, and Mormons blocked his path.

1st CD by American Zen
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THE RICH roadie, Kathi GraceYou get 3 ALBUMS:

       LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love ME

       LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer

       LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind


You get 3 BOOKS:

        Sid's Place - novel by The Hippy Coyote

        Utah Phase 1 - poetry book by The Hippy Coyote

        Autumn Flavours - poetry book by The Coyote


You get 3 PODCASTS:

    American Zen Buddhist Rock Podcast -

    The Coyote Poetry Podcast -

    Folk Rock Podcast - featuring Coyote's 1974 band, LOTUS


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