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Buddha Zhen with Tiger Hood Swords
Buddha Zhen with Tiger Hook Swords versus Straight Sword

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Wear tennis shoes, Kung Fu clothing, or sweat pants and shorts without logos or artwork.

Kung Fu Clothing can be purchased online from Shaolin Chi Mantis KUNG FU STORE.

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Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu

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Shaolin Chi Mantis Buddhist Gongfu     Shaolin Kung Fu CLASS

Zhen Song-Dao warming up his sword.Children can start training in Shaolin Kung Fu at age 6.

All students must purchase and bring to class a printed copy of the BUDDHA KUNG FU STUDENT MANUAL by Buddha Zhen. Download your copy now. You can print it out in black and white to save money.

Visit Buddha Kung Fu for a current list of Shaolin Kung Fu classes sponsored by Shaolin Chi Mantis with licensed curriculums from Shaolin Chi Mantis and Buddha Zhen.

Shaolin Kung Fu Beginners learn:
    Basic Kicks and Punches
    Yoga Stretch and Standing Stretch of SCM
    12 Step Tantui
    Rock Horse
    Luohan 1
    Lian Bu (Ling Po) "Masonic Kung Fu"
    Small Circular Fist of Tai Mantis

    Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form of SCM

Under 18: One Month Tuition


Under 18: One Month Tuition
2 Youths Same Family


Under 18: One Month Tuition
3 Youths Same Family


Under 18: 4 Month Semester


Under 18: One Year Tuition


Under 18: Life Membership



18 and Over: One Month

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18 and Over: 2 Adults Same Family

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18 and Over: 3 Adults Same Family
$ 175

Shaolin Chi Mantis uses PayPal

18 and Over: 4 Months

Shaolin Chi Mantis Buddhist Gongfu uses PayPal

18 and Over: 1 Year Tuition

Shaolin Chi Mantis uses PayPal

18 and Over: Lifetime Tuition

Shaolin Communications uses PayPal
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