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Chinese White Waxwood Staff
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Single Sabre

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Single Sabre

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Shaolin Staff
Be the center of the wheel.

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Note: From 2001 to 2006, Buddha Zhen custom built dozens of swords and spears for martial artists worldwide. We enjoyed supplying performers in Cirque Du Soleil and numerous worldwide tournament champions.

Thank you for your support and appreciation of Buddha Zhen's weaponry and custom accessories.

Unfortunately, Buddha Zhen's teaching schedules combined with his Music CDs and DVD videos, and the huge increase in postal shipping charges since 9/11 has resulted in Shaolin Chi Mantis DISCONTINUING our MAIL ORDER MARTIAL ARTS.

We will continue to import weapons and clothing for our Shaolin Chi Mantis and Tai Chi Youth, and Buddha Kung Fu STUDENTS.

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Long Weapon

Chinese White Waxwood Staff

Old and new White Wax Wood staffs
Darker staffs are older.

SCM101 White Wax Wood Staff
(48" to 80" depending upon person's height.)
Super long staffs are sometimes in stock. Email us for current prices.

Grown in northern China, these staffs are flexible yet strong. Tapered from their base to the top of the tree, the bumps are where the branches were removed.

These are the only kind of staff to mount your Chinese spearheads on.

Do not varnish Chinese white wax wood staffs.

Each staff will darken and become glossy from the wax in the wood and your Kung Fu practice.

NOTE: The pairs of staffs in the photo above show how White Wax Wood ages.
The left staffs are at least one year old, the right staffs are new.

Check out our SHAOLIN STAFF CLASS page >>

1.8 pounds    |   China Import    |   Oversized Shipping Item

Please specify your body height + additional inches.

A 6' tall person would probably want a 6'1 or 6'2" Staff.

Email us for current prices and sizes in stock. >>


Short Weapon

Chinese CHROME STEEL Single Sabre

Disciple Sam with Double Broadswords
Shuang-Do = Mandarin
Cern-Do = Cantonese
Double Sabres = English

Humans are naturally friendly and peace loving...
after they've destroyed something.

I instruct my students to buy the heaviest possible swords for training. Even for performing in tournaments, these Spring Steel swords are the lightest gauge I allow my students to use.

I have several of these and enjoy them immensely, They require traditional respect and care as they rust easier than the chrome swords.

2.2 pounds    |   Imported from China   |   w/scabbard

Please specify measurement from underarm to fingertips.

Email us for current prices and sizes in stock. >>


Short Weapon

Chinese SPRING STEEL Single Sabre

Zhen Song-Dao with Dragonwell Sabre

Disciple Song-Dao demonstrates how ancient Chinese Sabre can be used as letter opener or box cutter.

Some of our catalogs have listed this item as:
"Dragonwell Sabre w/case"

This sword is recommended for Shaolin Chi Mantis sword classes and tournament performances.

Spring steel requires more care than chrome sabres because spring steel will rust from fingerprints easier.

2.2 pounds    |   Imported from China   |   w/scabbard

Please specify measurement from underarm to fingertips.

Email us for current prices and sizes in stock. >>


Shaolin Monk Spade Customer "Thank you letter"

To:  shaolinCOM.com

Subject:  Monk Spade. Awesome-ness.

Hey sir,

I just wanted to send you my thanks for putting up with my girlfriend and I
throughout the whole shipping ordeal. As soon as I opened the box I was so
happy to have gone through it. The first time I saw a monk's spade I said to
myself "Wow that looks so cool. I wonder how it would be used" and have
wanted one ever since.

But my dream's not complete - I still have to learn how to use it. My
instructor is showing me an old kwan dao form he used to know but we're
changing things here and there for the blades of the spade.

It's great.

But I'm still ever-so-curious about the one you told me about. With the
drunken staff movements. That sounds awesome too!!

But I just wanted to say thanks once more. You guys provide a great service
with great products and I can't wait to do business with you again soon
(just have to get more money to buy more goodies).

Take care of yourself and be safe.

Jonathan Nolte


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