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Tai Chi includes Push Hands Training
If you can't do Push Hands -- you can't do Tai Chi.

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Wear tennis shoes, Kung Fu clothing, or sweat pants and shorts without logos or artwork.

Kung Fu Clothing can be purchased online from Shaolin Chi Mantis KUNG FU STORE.

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Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu

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Buddha Kung Fu for Tai Chi Chuan     Tai Chi CLASSES

Buddha Zhen and Daughter MingRelieve stress.

Lose weight.

Live longer.

Evolve your mind and body.

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Under 18: One Month Tuition


Under 18: One Month Tuition
2 Youths Same Family


Under 18: One Month Tuition
3 Youths Same Family


Under 18: 4 Month Semester


Under 18: One Year Tuition


Under 18: Life Membership



18 and Over: One Month

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18 and Over: 2 Adults Same Family

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18 and Over: 3 Adults Same Family
$ 175

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18 and Over: 4 Months

Shaolin Chi Mantis Buddhist Gongfu uses PayPal

18 and Over: 1 Year Tuition

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18 and Over: Lifetime Tuition

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