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American Zen

The Hippy Coyote
  full story...

  full story...

  Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1
  about the album...

Kung Fu Cowboy
  about the rough draft book...

  I Want You To Love Me
  about the music album...

Richard Del Connor
  Record Producer
  producing American Zen...

Sid's Place
  Novel by Coyote
  about drug runners and...

  Christ Killer
  about Coyote's Utah life...

Utah Phase 1
  by The Hippy Coyote
  about the poetry book...

  Peace Of Mind
  American Zen's debut album...

Autumn Flavours
  poetry book
  about Coyote's early writings...


Triple Trilogy of American Zen
3 Albums + 3 Books + 3 Podcasts


    For only $33.30 you get:
 The FIRST THREE albums by American Zen.

Get your Zen up-to-date.
Coyote is up to LEVEL 4.
What LEVEL are you on?

Most of the world is on LEVEL 1 = surviving
or LEVEL 2 = religion.
LEVEL 3 is about TRUE LOVE.
If your religion can interfere with your love= you are on LEVEL 2.

(Christ Killers are any religious person using religion to hurt others.)

The first level of American Zen Buddhism to Nirvana
LEVEL 3 album cover
LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind
American Zen's FIRST LEVEL
starts with moving to Utah.
LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer
Recorded in Utah.
"Best Flute Player in Utah"
LEVEL 3 = I Want You
To Love Me
Coyote's Tujunga love.

PLUS you also receive in the same 359MB Download:
The first three BOOKS by The Hippy Coyote of American Zen.  

  Autumn Flavours poetry book cover Book cover of UTAH PHASE 1 Get your acid taste of the flower power years  
  Autumn Flavours
First book of poetry book series:
Dark, curious, vicarious.
Utah Phase 1
Poetry book of Utah Poetry and lyrics from LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2
Coyote's personal notebook.
Sid's Place
Coyote's first and only novel about a drug runner in 1969 California.

PLUS you also receive:
One Podcast from each of Coyote's 3 different series of podcasts:

American Zen Buddhist Rock Podcast WEB BLOG of The Coyote Poetry Podcast Best and brightest of today's Folk Rock Artists.  
American Zen
Buddhist Rock Podcast
at   Coyote Radio .NET

Coyote leads website tours of American Zen stories and adventures. This series includes the "actZEN.com evolution" of
The Coyote to The Hippy Coyote, Richard O'Connor back to Richard Del Connor, and Master Zhen to Buddha Zhen. As a "guinea pig" of the actZEN.com Buddhist self-help website, Coyote proved that this is a life changing website.
The Coyote Poetry Podcast
"Poem And A Song"

Coyote reads one poem and plays one song. Sometimes they are from albums, and sometimes freshly written...
Folk Rock Podcast of
Shaolin Records

The Hippy Coyote of American Zen
HOSTS this radio show featuring the
"Best and Brightest of today's Folk Rock Artists from around the world."
Includes several podcasts of
American Zen including this podcast with recordings from Coyote's 1974 band, LOTUS.

Triple Trilogy of American Zen

Download them all now
in one 359MB compressed file.
for ONLY  $33.30

Check out the American Zen T-Shirts at CafePress.com




Flute, Acoustic Guitar,
Lead Vocal, Composer,
Poet, Photographer

The Hippy Coyote

Travelling Coyote

Christ Killer album FOLDOUT cover
Coyote travels light.
(His flute is kept strapped to his belt like a gun.)

Folk Rock Troubadour COYOTE

I lost my Alvarez acoustic guitar in December 2009. That marked the beginning of my new career on electric guitar, again.

I was at a local music store yesterday. I walked home and went online to research some models and variations not available a the music store.

Then, I walked back to Grayson's Music and was given excellent advice, and information that helped me to design my NEW ROAD SHOW. I've picked out my guitar, my new amp, my microphone and wah-wah pedal.

I am so excited.

As soon as the world can afford to hire me -- I can afford my new rig. So come on world. HIRE ME!

I'd like to tour, but none of the big or small acts I know have any tours they can fit me into as an opening act.

If I can't tour, I'll record some more live videos.

One way or the other, big audience or small, I am going to perform this next year.

I'm playing my second gig this year, towmorrow, Friday night at THE SMELL club in downtown Los Angeles. I've never even been there. I don't have a car, so I'll take the bus with my old 1984 Fender Strat, then hopefully find someone to give me a ride home--to my house--or theirs...

You'll see.


Coyote LIVE Alive in LifeCOYOTE   CALENDAR

Kindle books
Watch for our new releases!

Shaolin Records

POBox 631
Montrose, California 91021

The Hippy Coyote of American Zen

performs SOLO on electric guitar

    Email Coyote for more info:  

Coyote performing solo "In Dreams" from the LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me



Kung Fu Cowboy
     PART 1

1959 Rickenbacker 4000 bass
Part 1: King Solomon's Temple

In 2009 Richard Del Connor, The Hippy Coyote, recorded 36 songs which were divided into the first two KUNG FU COWBOY albums with 18 songs each.

raises up past the compassion and love and lust and romantic songs, poetry and lyrics of LEVEL 3 = I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME.

LEVEL 3 displayed Coyote's ability to look beyond his selfish desires and human needs to find purpose and destiny in life.

As a KUNG FU COWBOY, our happy hippie is transformed into the community hero and role model. Teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes at the YMCAs and Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation, our coyote cowboy is in top shape and sharper than ever.




Kung Fu Cowboy

Calligraphy by
The happy hippy HIPPY COYOTE

Handwritten poetry book?

It's just a rough draft. But it's cool.





 I Want You To Love Me

LEVEL 3 cd Imprint Label
CD imprint LABEL of LEVEL 3

LEVEL 3 album cover foldout

I'll come back and put some info her later.

Love ya.



Record Producer

Richard Del Connor
     Dicky Dare

The original Kung Fu Cowboy

I started in the UCLA Motion Picture Program in 1984. I graduated in 1987 and made a bunch of music videos, tv commercials, MTV segments, and special effects scenes for movies.

Then I got married.

Then I got unmarried and became a photojournalist. What kind of photojournalist? Well


Then Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy got interested in my first screenplay, COYOTE IN A GRAVEYARD.

Michael J. Fox created a buzz for me when he came onstage with my band one night and asked to play, "Johnny B. Goode," which he was getting ready to film for some upcoming movie called, BACK TO THE FUTURE.

Hey, I guess that means I may have helped him in the part a little bit. I'll have to go check out that movie and look at that scene again. I was playing bass while he borrowed the guitar player's guitar. So it was Michael J. Fox, Richard Connor, and drummer Bruce Candelaria, and keyboardist Scott Hitchings.

Oh yeah, back in those days I was still recording, but I wasn't a Recording Engineer anymore, as I had been in the seventies. Because I was well known as a studio designer, musicians like Fleetwood Mac and Producer David Foster would call me to remodel their studios or build speaker cabinets.

Mostly, I enjoyed the artistic part of building and shaping something, like sculpture. But being known as, "The Carpenter," was not what I was aiming at. I wanted to be a RECORD PRODUCER.



The Hippy Coyote

Sid's Place

Book cover of SID's PLACE novel
Psychedelic Book Cover by The Coyote

Check out the other pages for more info.

This is the story of what could have happened if I didn't get deported to Canada in 1970.




     Christ Killer

album cover of CHRIST KILLER
Christ Killer CD COVER folded open

Ghost hunter coyote
Christ Killer CD INSIDE COVER folded open

YouTube VIDEO:
Peace Of Mind #2


This is my best flute playing album.

I love it.

Too bad the world didn't care that I was the best flute player in Utah.

Maybe somebody's better, but they don't play rock'n'roll flute like I do.




The Hippy Coyote

Utah Phase 1

Coyote being misled to Utah by Michelle
Where's my chopper?

This is the poetry and lyrics from the first two American Zen albums.

There are poems here that are not in the websites or on the albums.

Every fan of American Zen should have this.



     Peace Of Mind

First album by American Zen

This is still a great album.

Just 4 musicians playing 4 instruments.

Well, not really. Because we only had 4 tracks to record onto, we combined the backing vocals with our instruments when we recorded. The bass and drums were usually recorded together...




Autumn Flavours
#1 of Season of Fours

Newfound Coyote in Wolf's Clothing
Coyote in Wolf's Clothing

This was when I became a man.

These are the poems of a teenager becoming a man.

Tough stuff.

America's First Buddhist Rock Band Follow the 8 Level Buddhist journey of American Zen Folk Rock
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