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Power Is A Combination of Character, Personality, and Health
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Turtle Island Necklace





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   Power Necklace

Natural materials

Leather String: THICK
Round Bone Beads
2 medium Turquoise Stones
1 Large Turquoise Center Stone

Large American turquoise stones hold this stone to the earth, also known as "Turtle Island."

I think a Kung Fu Master received this one as a gift from me.

Some of these stones, like the centerpiece of the necklace pictured, were carried in my pocket for months at a time. Walking through Utah with these stones in my hand made the world seem magical and pristine.

Like a visitor from another planet, it's important to see the world, the same world, with fresh eyes and a fresh heart. Make today the first day you've ever been wherever you are.


The Hippy Coyote

Power Is A Combination of
Character, Personality, and Health

I've just finished writing the blurbs on the ROMANTIC NECKLACE webpage and the SPIRITUAL NECKLACE webpage. I seem to be putting my advertising spirit into "don't buy this necklace... unless it's really really right for you."

So who would want a Coyote Mysticwear Power Necklace? Well, I use them for my Tai Chi and Kung Fu practice. I wear them under my shirt so they don't smack me in the face when I jump around.

This is part of the reason I like my necklaces short also, more like a long choker, a 'loker,' no, that doesn't sound good. I tie my square not at the end of the beads so there are beads in contact with my spine.

Sometimes I design my necklaces so that there are turquoise stones in contact with a couple points on my neck, where I believe their energy is transferred to my throat.

For power I like bigger stones. 3/4" Turquoise, with big bone beads, and a big stone donut on the front. I can get Chinese turquoise donuts, but never the really good American turquoise in a donut shape, which is okay. I just use the biggest piece of turquoise I have...

As a gift, I gave a necklace that I designed for myself (but hadn't worn yet) to a Kung Fu brother of mine. Over the years he's reminded me how much he has enjoyed it. It had one big turquoise in the front and two medium sized turquoise stones on the sides, right where I like them to touch my neck.

I had a really nice necklace with a Chinese turquoise donut that I wore during a really great year of Kung Fu and music. I put a few Chinese jade beads on it that felt really good to me. I've boxed it up and wrote on the box that someday it could be auctioned with starting bid of $10,000. Personally, I hope noone buys it so I can wear it again someday.

NOTE: When I say, "stones," I am referring to unshaped, polished, but bumpy rocks. When I say "beads," I am referring to stones that have been shaped into specific and identical shapes.

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be scaring you away. Man, I wonder how many beads I even have right now. There's a gem fair coming soon to Los Angeles. I'm on their mailing list. If people start buying my necklaces, I may have to go spend some money and stock up. Otherwise, all this writing about my necklaces has gotten me excited about making a new one for me. I like to make one a year. Hmmm. I have to see what stones I have and make myself a necklace before you guys buy me out.

Yeah, these stones are all special to me, but I'm in financial trouble right now...

I'd be happy keeping them all just for me. But somehow this seems like the right thing to do.

Right now I will gladly make or sell you a necklace, but next year -- maybe I'll have more money and say, "Sorry, I'm all sold out."

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