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LEVEL 2 of Zen Buddhism   by  The Hippy Coyote             of  AMERICAN ZEN

American Zen
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Best Flute Player In The World!
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Coyote Flute On Movie Soundtrack
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LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer

Christ Killer 'dripping blood' album logo of American Zen.Best Flute Player in the World!

Every fan and customer has said,"The Hippy Coyote is the best flute player in the world."

Still playing his $75 nickel flute for all the songs of American Zen, Coyote uses every trick of Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson, with some clever harmonies and flute backgrounds that are unique to his own style of PSYCHEDELIC FOLK ROCK. That genre may not exist, but the classic rock/folk rock mixtures of this hippie's songwriting are very hard to categorize.

Perhaps Coyote is right, "best is blessed." (From the poem, "Best Is Blessed.")

Our hitchhiking poet included 7 poems that lead the listener between songs and reinforce this true story of Coyote's adventures in Mormon Utah. Coyote found out that long-haired Buddhist rock'n'rollers are not welcomed in Utah. "Thanks to their knives in my front door -- I have a nice set of cutlery in my kitchen," laughs Coyote.

And where can you find this wild, weird, psychedelic, spiritual, folk rock?

Right here!       
DOWNLOAD the album for only $8.88

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LEVEL 2 = CHRIST KILLER by American Zen.


Level 2 = Christ Killer by American Zen


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Coyote writes ALL the songs for American Zen

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Available July 2007

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Coyote writes ALL the songs for American Zen

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What Is A Christ Killer?

Coyote's weekly podcasts of: The American Zen Buddhist Rock Podcast - LEVEL 2, explain in detail the story behind the album, Christ Killer.
More info...

The stories in the American Zen website, in the LEVEL 2 SECTION, contain more information about Christ Killers.
More info...

Coyote Records Flute On Salt Lake Movie Soundtrack

"It was the summer before I left Salt Lake City," explains Coyote. "I was meditating -- and I was kinda askin' what I should do with my life. I was not having any of the success I thought I'd already earned -- and I just didn't know what to do based upon anything I'd already done- Then it hit me! Zhen Coyote FluteOr the thought, or the message -- I dunno -- but it was loud and clear, it said, 'Play your flute.' Yeah, you laugh. I doubt it was God. 'Hey young mortal -- go practice your flute!' No, I doubt it, but, it did seem like I was being given some good advice."

"Then within minutes of my Godly message, the phone rang. This studio guy had several songs needing some "not-wimpy" flute recordings for this soundtrack. Someone recommended me. After this studio gig, some guy said to me, "Your flute has balls!""

"But, the important part of the story was the coincidence of the message, plus the opportunity, plus, I'd love to play my flute and travel the world! "

Additional note from Coyote: I just got word that I'm being called, "The Best Flute Player in the world."   Wow. I started playing the flute based on a dream I had. Hmmm. Perhaps I should listen to my dreams more often. Oh, the flute in the 1978 picture is me with the same $75 flute I am still playing, performing and recording with.

Coyote Radio Includes LIVE "Christ Killer"

Black background. Two spotlights on Coyote, seated on a stool, on a small stage.

His face is shadowed by the brow of his brown leather cowboy hat.

He begins thumping out the introductory beat of the song, "Christ Killer," the title song from his second album with American Zen. A great take with a funny mistake. Coyote's a professional, but his laugh makes this a priceless version. You can hear him amp up and put extra effort into the second chorus...

I've got boxes of videos, 1/2", 3/4", even some 1" videotape and no time to edit them. Anyone want to help? Help!

I've edited together eight half-hour shows of American Zen. Our television show website is: www.coyoteradio.TV We've syndicated a few of these, but I want to add more special EFX...

Seriously. Anyone want to help us edit these into some DVDs?

Contact me, Richard Connor, at:

Coyote Podcast Show Includes "Christ Killer" Live In Studio

Coyote Radio .net where American Zen Buddhist Rock Podcast is.AMERICAN ZEN PODCASTS

Download FREE MP3 192kb Podcasts

Download Songs & Poetry
from  AMERICAN ZEN's   2nd Album:

LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer

    ALBUM  DOWNLOAD:   All 15 songs + 7 poems
Christ Killer CD Cover - unfolded
Download the Album Now!

Album Cover, Music, Lyrics, Photography,
Poetry, and Narrations
by The Hippy Coyote


The songs are NUMBERED in their CD ORDER so you can properly experience this record album. More like a rock opera, similar to Tommy by The Who, or Jesus Christ Superstar, this album is a chronological story of a year in Utah. our Hippy Coyote.

Enjoy an unusual story about a Buddhist Hippy Coyote in a land of Utah Mormons.-

Similar to albums:
Rolling Stones
Beatles, REVOLVER;

      FREE Song Samples BELOW  Christ Killer ALBUM download of 15 songs and 7 poems   

1.  Great Salt Lake                                        
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenMusic & Lyrics by The Hippy Coyote


FREE Song Sample 

2.  Wild Cat poem      

Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenPoetry Author & Narrator: The Hippy Coyote


Somber poem about a "wild cat" that Coyote experienced being hit by a car. Sadly inspired, The Hippy Coyote saw the symbolisms of his own life, a wild dog in the city.

Now that mankind has conquered the earth using men to destroy men. Now, Nature becomes technology so that Nature can be used to kill nature.

This album cover is a self-portrait in the Beth Golam Cemetary, by The Coyote. It was shot just before Coyote left for Utah.

     FREE Song Sample   

3.  Peace Of Mind #1     
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenMusic & Lyrics by The Hippy Coyote


Although this song, "Peace Of Mind," was the first song written after Coyote moved to Utah, American Zen recorded it again, last year in Tujunga, California, and added to Coyote's second album. This battle to survive a harsh winter, being evicted, living out off his van with his cat... was only the beginning of his troubles. The Mormons didn't know he was here yet.

The two albums, LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind, and LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer, combine into a rock opera depicting The Hippy Coyote's battles with Mormons, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

This bluesy acoustic guitar song has some heavenly vocals added by his zen buddies of American Zen. Nice acoustic guitar solo.

Similar to artists: Arlo Guthrie, Donovan, James Taylor, Beach Boys

     FREE Song Sample   

4.  American Zen Level 2 poem           
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenPoetry Author & Narrator: The Hippy Coyote


This is the title poem of the album cd: LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer by American Zen of The Coyote rips apart his past, his heritage, and his society in search of whatever he is searching for. Like a snake shedding its' skin, Coyote returns to his hippy roots, referring to his parents as "...cogs in some machine..."

If we are going to consider "I Am Not From Here" to be Coyote's first rap song, then this is his second rap song. "No offense to you rappers," Coyote explains, "but I'm obviously not a rapper. I felt more of a jazz or beatnik vibe with a little rock'n'roll for power. Hey! What do you guys out there think? What genre of music is this?"

     FREE Song Sample   

5.  God Will Protect            
Christ Killer CD album cover by American Zen Music & Lyrics by The Hippy Coyote


An orchestral rock opera song that criticizes the Church of the Latter Day Saints. The Mormons have many secret customs and rituals that most people won't recognize when they hear these lyrics by The Hippy Coyote with the two-foot ponytail talking about Buddhism to excommunicated Utahns.

Features a backwards guitar solo by Rory G, a bass guitar solo by Tom Calder, and a Jethro Tull style flute solo that showcase the amazing talents of American Zen, America's first Buddhist rock band.

The only song in the world that comes close to this song is, "My God," from the AQUALUNG album by Jethro Tull.

     FREE Song Sample   

6.  Can't Hold Me Down                         
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenMusic & Lyrics by The Hippy Coyote


Beating on Coyote's homemade drums, the zen boys pound out a weird folk rock protest song anthem. Neat vocals. Coyote says he wrote this song standing in line inside a Bank of America.

As producer, I was concerned about some of our vocals not being quite as strong as The Beach Boys or The Beatles. A couple producers I know offered to 'tune my vocals.' They were used to tuning some vocal in every song. This new breed of rap producers prefer processing/slicing/splicing/duplicating/stacking until they get some really cool stuff. This processing and use of sampled instruments and voices is the norm with commercial pop songs and hip hop artists.

However, after a couple sessions with these producers, which were amazingly awkward with their programs crashing and console wiring problems... It seemed I was destined to mix and master this album without anybody's help and without any sophisticated software, samples, sampling, or processing.

I added some echo to the vocals, tried to group them into stereo adversaries that complimented each other or made the vocal seem to have a place in reality, like someone standing on stage in front of you. The next song, "5th South," has some cool vocal moves of mine...

Useful for CAR COMMERCIAL or Viagra, or something. Strong hook and cool vibe.

     FREE Song Sample   

7.  5th South           
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenMusic & Lyrics by The Hippy Coyote


Coyote wrote this lovely long song about his home on 500 South Street in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Pretty flute melodies and rich acoustic guitar passages lead a haunting hopeful journey through the many events Coyote endured in his humble 2nd story apartment.

The choir of Nephilim, (You remember who they are right? Old Testament? Half breeds of women and angels?) well, if Nephilim could sing, they'd probably sound like this. If you listen, you'll hear some of the vocals hitting lower notes than Rory's bass can play. And yes, all the vocals on this album are natural, sung by our Zen dudes, without tuning. They did their best.

The only song I can think to compare this to is, "Since I've Been Lovin' You," by Led Zepellin. Yes I know, but Coyote plays flute similar to Jimmy Page's guitar style.

     FREE Song Sample   

8.  Best Is Blessed poem                  
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenPoetry Author & Narrator: The Hippy Coyote

A brief poem by The Coyote that expresses his newfound Zen of success, "If you want to be blessed -- just do your best."

The title also sums up Coyote's new enlightenment nicely.

Zen is usually a simple lesson after complicated thinking.

Because this poem is so short -- it will only be sold to those who buy the entire ALBUM DOWNLOAD, so no one complains about buying a song or poem that was "too short..." (Well I thinks it's worth MORE than 44 cents.)

     Available ONLY with ALBUM PURCHASE above.   

9.  I Know           
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenMusic & Lyrics by The Hippy Coyote


A classic rock / folk rock troubadour song depicting Coyote's new awareness of himself, inspired by an old girlfriend calling him on the phone.

Even though Coyote might've changed since he was in a relationship with the girl, Coyote realized that people see people the way they CHOOSE to see people.

Coyote's new Universal Mind perspective encourages him to see himself through the eyes of others. Coyote mentions this again in the last song, "The End The Horizon."

     FREE Song Sample   

10.  Even Or Odd poem                    
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenPoetry Author & Narrator: The Hippy Coyote

A brief poem with a simple yet hard to comprehend concept of defining the 'goodness' of your character.

Coyote points to many words that will help you to conclude if you are "even" or "odd."


Available only with ALBUM DOWNLOAD above.

11.  Land Of Mediocrity             
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenMusic & Lyrics by The Hippy Coyote


Coyote's lyrics and acoustic guitar lead the listener through the deserts and mountains of Utah with a gimpse of the Church of Latter Saints, better known as the Mormon religion. With a narration about polygamous lifestyles and family unity, Coyote sings, "The queen ant is home with a half dozen kids..."

Coyote's view of the Mormons seems more like a National Geographic article than the bitter reactions of his first album in Utah, LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind.

It appears Coyote is growing up in the face of adversity.

     FREE Song Sample   

12.  If I Can't Die poem  
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenPoetry Author & Narrator: The Hippy Coyote

A bizarre look at life from Coyote's psychedelic perspective of time. Even in Utah, the beehive state, where Unions are discouraged, Republicans reign, Church runs the State, and it's a $50 fine to spit on the sidewalk (that's one of the few laws I did agree with), in a state that wanted to be it's own country and now dominates world business... Coyote found solace -- alone -- aware of death -- content.

This song is best not explained but important to understand.

This poem will be EXCELLENT IN A MOVIE. It could be used for a murder or...

    Available ONLY with ALBUM DOWNLOAD above.   

13.  Christ Killer       
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenMusic & Lyrics by The Hippy Coyote


Title song from the album, LEVEL 2 = CHRIST KILLER, by American Zen, featuring The Hippy Coyote on flute, acoustic guitar, and lead vocals.

The backing vocals by the zen dudes create a haunting and inspiring view of western religion. "The spotlight shines, dancing on the chrome..."

Check out our podcasts for explanations and stories about what "Christ Killer" really means.

Are you a Christ Killer?

     FREE Song Sample   

14.  I Want To Laugh #2           
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenMusic & Lyrics by The Hippy Coyote


Rory G's SLIDE GUITAR dominates this instrumental folk rock, classic rock, almost country, with some surf music style psychedelic wild and fast guitar solos that Johnny Winter would be proud of.

American Zen's backing vocals once again add an eery spiritual beauty to these earthly troubadour biographies.

Another good song for commercials. I'm record producer AND the record company AND I'm the publisher, Shaolin Music.
I need an apprentice to help me move Coyote's catalog
Anybody want a job? No, not a job. A career. It takes years to create friends and contacts and get a few things placed to gain some credibility then be in the right place at the right time three years later... See! It's a career. I just don't have time to be a Music Publisher. We could work a percentage agreement...

    FREE Song Sample   

15.  33 Bass Players
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenMusic & Lyrics by The Hippy Coyote


Bouncy Irish Jethro Tull style folk rock song led by The Hippy Coyote on flute and acoustic guitar.

Because this song is about auditioning 33 bass players in Salt Lake City, it was decided that they'd leave the bass off the album since they didn't find a bass player in Utah.

Rory had to drive up to Salt Lake City, (he crashed twice and got a speeding ticket), in order to record bass parts for Coyote's LIVE SHOWS. Then Coyote used these bass tracks for the next year to perform in the local Salt Lake clubs. Coyote never did find a bass player in his years in Utah.

Oops. I'm still in Publisher mode now. This song, or small pieces of it, could be used for commercials and movie soundtracks!

FREE Song Sample   

16.  Loyalty poem        
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenPoetry Author & Narrator: The Hippy Coyote


This last minute addition to the album is one of my favorite poems ever.

Coyote's spirituality now defines loyalty as "love without an end."

FREE Song Sample   

17.  I Am Not From Here                         
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenMusic & Lyrics by The Hippy Coyote


An elk hide drum that Coyote made from a maple log, pounded in his kitchen by the Zen boys, sounds like barbarians in a cave. Primal Zen?

The boys were on one that night, in more ways than one. The echo of Coyote's kitchen added a nice echo to some of our recordings since we only had one spring reverb for my mixdowns. I recorded in the stairway also for some REALLY COOL echo effects.

"I Am Not From Here" is a cool poetic chant that reminds me of "My Wild Love" by Jim Morrison of The Doors.

FREE Song Sample   

18.  Daryoon       
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenMusic & Lyrics by The Hippy Coyote


Daryoon was an ancient Persian warrior who fought a man-to-man battle to determine the outcome of an entire war.

Daryoon was the Guardian warrior of Prince Arislan.

Daryoon with his sword, represents to Coyote an image similar to the eastern pictures of a demon, god, or buddha using a sword to cut through delusion to the truth. Another word for Buddhism is, "truth."

This instrumental song is fronted by Rory G on his Pleasant brand Japanese electric SLIDE GUITAR. Coyote on acoustic guitar.

Tom Calder does some amazing bass string bending and cool riffs to support this epic slide guitar song written by our Hippy Coyote.

FREE Song Sample   

19.  Just For You                 
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenMusic & Lyrics by The Hippy Coyote


Slightly sad romantic ballad with hope and effort to improve a partner's life and help them defeat the demons of their past.

The lyrics are good reminders for all of us to decide who we are based on what GOOD we want to come of life instead of the BAD that has already happened.

This song would make a great duet for that country music couple. She's real pretty with blonde hair and he's. They could trade off lines and harmonize together in the chorus. I just thought of that. (Publisher mode.)

FREE Song Sample   

20.  Quiet Army              
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenMusic & Lyrics by The Hippy Coyote


Coyote's conflicts with the Mormons of Utah included financial battles and politics. Boycotts were created to hurt our hippy. They called magazines demanding they stop publishing articles by him.

A butcher knife in the front door...

Check out the lyrics to learn something about a pioneer religion that grew to be one of the most financially powerful corporations in the world. The Mormons have more money than the Catholics. Howard Hughes accidentally boosted them financially by... (uh-oh, a knock on the front door--)

FREE Song Sample   

21.  Quiet City poem 
Christ Killer CD album cover by American Zen Poetry Author & Narrator: The Hippy Coyote

Somewhere between reading a book and watching a late-night movie - - comes this poem.

Read very professionally in Coyote's kitchen, next to the washing machine... he had his eyes closed and said he could remember the original visions from various parts of the city where he enjoyed and appreciated the calm and quiet of late nights in Utah.

There are ZERO businesses open at night, anywhere in Utah. Minimal entertainment, and two dance clubs that don't serve liquor.

You have to JOIN AND BECOME A MEMBER of a PRIVATE CLUB to drink liquor outside of your house... So, no cars, no people... A quiet city, at night.

Available ONLY on ALBUM DOWNLOAD above.

22.  The End The Horizon  
Christ Killer CD album cover by American ZenMusic & Lyrics by The Hippy Coyote


This song is THE END of LEVEL 2 of American Zen's Buddhist Journey.

Check out the development through the lyrics. He's gone from an adult getting ripped off TO trying to understand his opponent TO reliving his childhood and singing of its' glories and wonders. Man to child.

Well, since Buddha Nature is defined as that original spirit you were born with -- maybe he's found it.

Let's see what Coyote's Buddha Nature is when we release American Zen's next album, next year, in 2008, after we record it...

I hope you enjoyed my comments and explanations of the songs.

Richard Connor
Record Producer, Shaolin Records


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