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New World Order?
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King Solomon's Temple
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Coyote's Story of Life in Utah = LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind
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Poetry Book: Utah - Phase 1
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Poetry Book: Autumn Flavours
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CD or Album Download: LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind
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History of Zen from A to Z
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CD or Album Download: LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer
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Masonic Kung Fu - BOOK 1
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Coyote Name Change?
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Poetry for a World of Words
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Coyote Podcasting
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New World Order?

Women rule Earth

This book asks that question -- then asks, "What are you going to do about it?"

In a world without men, women must be everything. Would women be different? Would women make different laws? Would women change politics?

Would women stop all wars, end famine, and save the world? Rachel says, "Yes we can. Let's get it done." Then she details the steps and starts asking the tough questions that men can't answer, or have refused to answer for the past 200 years.

Men's world? The home of course. This book is about a world of men at home raising the children professionally -- and it's a better world than what we have now.

Rachel Connor has bravely theorized that women can run the world better than men. Utilizing science and history, she points out that men have fulfilled their role to conquer the planet and make it save for women. Now women can for the first time in human history, support the family, and not be required to stay home and raise the kids. This is a new world we have evolved to.


King Solomon's Temple

Christ Killer CD cover

First: Download the album.

2nd: Visit and travel the LEVEL 4 PART 1 website section.


Coyote's Story of Life in Utah = LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind

America's First Buddhist Rock Band, American Zen

Lured by a blonde girl, Coyote discovers that Mormons don't like Buddhists. With his foot long pony tail and Kung Fu clothes on, Coyote heads to Shaolin Chi Mantis classes.

With his daughter in one hand, swords on his belt and back, and staff or spear in the other hand, Salt Lake City, was changed forever.

His performances in the nightclubs started with a band he put together, but when he tried to get them to play the song, "God Will Protect," the Church of Latter Day Saints intervened and told the drummer and guitarist to quit American Zen. The bass player was Jewish, and when he went home to New York for Hannukah--he never came back.


Poetry Book

Utah - Phase 1

Utah Phase 1 Poetry Book by The Hippy Coyote

Author: The Hippy Coyote
Formats Available: PDF Download, Paperback, Hardcover
Genres: Poetry, Lyrics, Autobiography
Publisher: Shaolin Communications

The lyrics to most of Coyote's songs are poetry worth reading without the music. Bizarre, creative, and insightful -- from Coyote's unique ability of seeing / living / experiencing / interpreting life.

This poetry book, Utah - Phase 1, was the precursor of what would become the 8 LEVELS of American Zen's Buddhist Journey.

This is a scanned copy of Coyote's ORIGINAL draft with his own editorial notes about each poem handwritten on the bottom of each page.

"A Long Way Home" depicts Coyote's desire to return to California. "Free The Change" criticizes the Mormon robotic mind. "Simple Lady" finds Coyote remembering peaceful moments in his life to escape his discomforts.

This path of enlightenment includes both the LEVEL 1 and the LEVEL 2 albums of American Zen, America's first Buddhist rock band.

It's not nirvana, but Coyote shows some significant spiritual growth from the poems in the beginning of the book, compared to those at the end.


Poetry Book

Autumn Flavours

Autumn Flavours POETRY BOOK by The Hippy Coyote
Coyote's first book of poetry.

Sample poem from book

Formats:   PDF Download, Paperback, Hardcover
Genres:   Poetry

Description:   Coyote graduated High School in St. John's, Newfoundland. There, on that remote arctic island, they spell and speak the olde British tongue. Flavors is spelled, "flavours." Colors is spelled, "colours..." It's how he wrote it when he wrote it.

We modernized the name of the book for the website domain name of:
(Check out the custom website made for this book, Autumn Flavours in 1999.)

Coyote said there are a lot of writings in this book that surprised him. "I've changed a lot since my teenage years," Coyote professes.

This is Coyote's first book of poetry and contains several poems from his San Diego State College poetry classes.

This is the 'dark' period of Coyote's life, so the poetry is darkly experimental.
Sample poem from Autumn Flavours

Probably best read by persons 13 years or older.


Album Download

Level 1 = Peace Of Mind

Autumn Flavours POETRY BOOK by The Hippy Coyote
$18.88 PDF Download
Buy Now + Download Now

RELEASE DATE: Sep 1 , 2007

Composer: The Coyote
Artist: American Zen
Formats: CD, MP3 192kb
Genres: Folk Rock, Classic Rock, Spoken Word

Recorded in Utah, Coyote's bandmates made two pilgrimages to help him complete this 4-track masterpiece.

"We had to rely on performances," explains bassist Tom. "It was a challenge to record 4-track. We had to record our vocals as we played our instruments."

Tom plays a 1977 analog synthesizer for his bass when he plays the Vox organ.

American Zen's quest for enlightenment is also their professional and artistic challenge. Let's see how spiritual growth looks!'

"Is it like a fungus?"

No Tom.



History of Zen
from A to Z

Autumn Flavours POETRY BOOK by The Hippy Coyote

DJ - Host: The Coyote
Formats: mp4
Genres: Folk Rock, Classic Rock, Spoken Word, Music Podcast
Topics: LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind

These are the firs


Album Download

Level 2 = Christ Killer

Autumn Flavours POETRY BOOK by The Hippy Coyote

RELEASED: Sep 1 , 2007

Composer: The Coiyote
Artist: American Zen
Formats: CD, mp3 Download (192kb = highest quality)
Genres: Folk Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative, Acoustic

Recorded in Utah, the 4-track master was brought back to California when Coyote fled the beehive state.

Completed in early 2007, this album shows an evolution in Coyote's flute playing. Check out "God Will Protect," "Great Salt Lake," and the title song, "Christ Killer," which has a very bizarre flute melody.

This album criticizes the Mormon religion, the Church of Latter Day Saints by depicting their religious world in songs and lyrics. "Land Of Mediocrity," is hauntingly lovely and accurate.



Masonic Kung Fu

Autumn Flavours POETRY BOOK by The Hippy Coyote
mp4 Downloads
Include Slide Show with CLICKABLE LINKS

Coyote Radio .net

DJ - Host: The Coyote
Formats: mp4
Genres: Folk Rock, Classic Rock, Spoken Word, Music Podcast
Topics: LEVEL 2 = CHRIST KILLER cd by American Zen

LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer
Special Feature: is a site by Buddha Zhen, founder of

Based upon the curriculums of Shaolin Chi Mantis and Shaolin Zen, these webpages guide the website reader through a series of self-discoveries and pyschological examinations.

Give it a try! Let's see how you turn out to be!

NEW SHOWS RESUME EACH FRIDAY, starting June 1, 2007.

iTunes Subscription:  iTunes one-click 1-click button


Coyote Name Change ?

I've told the tale in a few podcasts and webpages about how I became named, The Coyote.

What a mistake! Now that the world is based upon key words and unique names -- I'm at the bottom of the barrel. The "The" was added to my name, Coyote, because too many times I needed a first name and they wouldn't accept the form without a first name.

So, I became THE Coyote to have a complete name and differentiate me from Peter Coyote, the actor.

What a mistake! "The" is hardly a useful keyword. Every paragraph in the world has a "the" in it. Even combining "The" and "Coyote" is useless. "See the coyote run." See, that name is not unique at all. So when people look for me in the search engine they have to wade through 50 pages of rabbit chomping rascals before they might find our bunny chaser...

So, THE CURE: he is changing his name again... to become, The HIPPY Coyote.

Hopefully, the word "hippy" will make me more unique than the word "the" and the total combination of words, THE HIPPY COYOTE, should make me VERY UNIQUE.

Let's see how it works. (As if he wasn't 'unique' enough.)

Poetry For A World Of Words

Get this book by CoyotePoetry books? Who reads poetry books?

Most people seem to be learning how not to speak. The English language is a simplified version of Olde English and a dozen other European languages. It's a hybrid tongue. Let's master this language now instead of peeling it like an onion until there's nothing left.

Coyote's poetry plays with words to some extent and he may hide his own personal viewpoints and experiences in some creativity with syllables, "... but I want people to read and enjoy my poetry whether they understand my original meaning or not," Coyote encourages. "Sometimes I purposely make the lyrics make sense on two levels of thought. On the basic level I use stories and situations that anyone can identify with and appreciate. On the second level I imply or tell my story as cleverly as possible, so that I'm satisfied and left the possibility for some readers to 'discover' my real intentions or meanings within the lyrics and poetry."

So, what's the song, "5th South," about, if we don't have any lyrics at all?

"Once again," Coyote sighs, "I'd rather not even tell you what that song is about, because my memories and circumstances won't mean very much to most people. So rather than telling them the song represents this-and-this-and-this -- I hope that people will take at least some of my songs and transpose them into their lives and their meanings. Like the song, "5th South." Add your life to the song... shake... stir... add more water... and let it grow into your own meanings and memories..."

Coyote Podcasting

Coyote chewing his RickenbackerHere's The Hippy Coyote in all his comedic splendor.

Coyote hosts THE AMERICAN ZEN BUDDHIST ROCK PODCAST. This weekly show airs every Friday.

We decided to give Coyote a vacation after 22 weeks of consecutive podcasts. He'll be restarting next friday with episodes of LEVEL 2 = CHRIST KILLER and some other website adventures that will include where Coyote will disect his brain, spread out the grey matter, and reassemble himself as you listen to his laughs and antics on these podcast radio shows.

Ranging between 16 and 20 minutes each, these podcasts include several songs that often include un-aired recordings, live performances, and poetry readings by Coyote in our Shaolin Records Studio.

This is the best way to experience The Hippy Coyote, besides inviting him over for dinner.

American Zen


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