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Turquoise and Amethyst
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American and Chinese Turquoise
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Shower Cleaning
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Coyote Brujo The Power Hippie

Coyote Brujo

After half a dozen years of Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu, I was in control of my body.

I could feel my body, talk to my body, and my body talked back. Sure everyone can feel their body, talk to their body and get lots of requests from their body for healthy or unhealthy things.

What I discovered though, was that a healthier body wants healthier foods, and a healthier mind wants healthier rewards.

I could feel power lines as I walked beneath them. I gave away my microwave and the next two microwaves I received were given away to friends for free. I couldn't ask someone to pay for something I believed was unhealthy.

Of course, most of my friends scoffed and were oblivious to the bad energies of our modern world.

Still, I had been trained in opera as a child, so I already took better care of my health than most people, and with the Kung Fu and Tai Chi on top of that... But now as an advanced level Shaolin Disciple, the energies of the world were unfolding before me. I could feel the environment and notice how energies were distributed or flowing within a room.

It was with this heightened awareness and interest that I began to control my body energies. When I met my sixth wife, Raquel King-Jajata (mother Syrian / father Chinese), at UCLA, she was visiting as a transfer student from Mexico City. She was appreciative of my energy skills and referred to me as a sorceror. Her father was a Chinese acupuncturist and she knew a few things about healing with energies.

I started applying what I knew or discovered about our energies and crystal therapies to Raquel and we had a powerful relationship. She referred to me as "Coyote Brujo," which translates as Sorceror Coyote. For that year we were married we never got sick and we had sex at least once every single day and sometimes up to six...(seven seemed to be my limit)... Unfortunately, my seventh wife chased her away and told her, "Coyote doesn't want to talk to you or see you again. Raquel argued she wanted to hear Coyote say that to her, but my seventh wife said, "I speak for Coyote and he doesn't want you coming around here ever again." I never said that, and it wasn't until a year later I even found out why Raquel had disappeared from my life. Too bad, I never saw Raquel again. And even worse, my seventh wife... (Visit American Zen for more of that story!)

Turquoise and Amethyst

I experimented with dozens of different types of semi-precious and precious gems. I used my body as a gauge to determine the benefits and drawbacks of these various minerals and metals.

What I discovered was that all metals are bad. The only exception might by aluminum -- but that metal has always creeped me out by both flavor and medical information about it getting stuck in the brain. Oddly though, aluminum and wood have a very similar energy flow to me.

So, as I narrowed down my choices in gems, I studied books of healing, new age doctrines, hippie science... and narrowed it down to two stones that were the most beneficial to me and my lifestyle, amethyst and turquoise.

Since we all have different body rhythms, mental attitudes and life pursuits, you may find other stones that accentuate what you want, or who you are.

However, no matter who you are, it seems to me that these two stones, amethyst and turquoise, will enhance your spirituality. The amethyst may be too advanced for most people who aren't tuned in to the psychic realities, so I don't recommend amethyst to everyone. But turquoise is like a gentle massaging hand on your body -- so I recommend turquoise to everyone.

American Turquoise and Chinese Turquoise

Despite my preference for things Chinese since starting Kung Fu and Tai Chi, I have to admit that the Chinese turquoise is inferior to the American turquoise. The Chinese turquoise is softer, more granular, and less powerful. But that doesn't make it bad. It's just weaker.

The Chinese turquoise comes in a wider variety of colors and wild patterns than the American turquoise. So it does make a nice looking necklace. The greens and blues with dark black stripes have been worn by me for years with positive effects.

I wear a necklace for a year then I "retire it" and start wearing a new necklace. I have one necklace that I wore for a wonderful year of my life. I packaged it up in a nice box, sealed it and wrote on the box that I would someday auction it with a starting price of $10,000. It is a wonderful necklace that has a powerful year of memories locked into it.

Shower Cleaning

Because I wore my necklaces to Kung Fu classes, they often got sweaty. So to clean them I would usually just shower with my necklace on.

This probably shortens the life of the leather string I use to strand the beads. Keeping it dry and clean would probably give it a lifetime of use.

For me, showering, sweating, working, and sleeping in my necklaces meant having to restring them once per year.

The other way I would clean my necklaces and make sure they were sanitized, was to soak them in salt water. Just soak them overnight, give them a rinse and put them on.

'Safest Necklace You Will Ever Wear'

Since I realized that metals were a 'reverse-acupuncture,' I always made my leather strings longer so they were easily tied into a square not with the string ends a couple inches longer than that.

Over the past decade I've experimented with different thicknesses of leather. The thicker are my favorite, but as I started designing and selling some necklaces to friends and Buddhists, I started using the thinner leather string so I could use smaller beads and make some really nice looking necklaces for men and women.

The beauty of the thinner leather strings is also a basic feature I appreciate of the thicker leather -- they break before they choke you.

As a kid I saw dogs get caught in brush by their collars and never wanted to provide someone with a way of choking or controlling me. I want my necklace to break before I am choked or my neck is injured.

So Coyote Mysticwear may be the 'safest necklace you will ever wear.'

Coyote Mysticwear is handmade natural necklaces by The Hippy Coyote of American Zen.


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