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Coyote at Coconut Teazer
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of 11 songs + 11 poems
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Recorded , mixed. and mastered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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American Zen

Album:   LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind
Artist Website:
Book:   Autumn Flavours
Product Page:
Product Page:


Where Buddha Rocks!

Record Label:
Shaolin Records

Executive Producer:  Richard Del Connor
Record Producer:
Richard Del Connor
Recording Studio:
    Coyote Studio1
    Salt Lake City, Utah 1993
Recording Engineer: Don DelaVega
    Coyote Studio1
    Salt Lake City, Utah 1993
Mixing Engineer: Don DelaVega
    Coyote Studio1
    Salt Lake City, Utah 1993
Mastering Engineer:  Richard Del Connor
    VST Studios
    Salt Lake City, Utah 1998
Graphic Design:
Photography:  The Hippy Coyote

Released by:   Shaolin Communications
Licenced by:   Shaolin Music
Distributed by:   Shaolin Records
Ads & Videos:   Shaolin Pictures

Electric Bass : Rickenbacker 4000
Electric Organ : 1967 Vox Jaquar Organ

Electric Guitar:1984 Fender Stratocaster
Ukulele:  Columbian custom made
Synthesizer:  1988 Roland SH-7

 Steve Hixon

Drums: Oberheim

Drums:  "Trust Me"

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LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind

version:  192kb mp3 music album
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Shaolin Records, founded in 1984

American Zen
     starring The Hippy Coyote

Photo by Ed Animal
Front Album Cover


CD Imprint Label of Shaolin Records
CD Label of Shaolin Records

CD Tray LEVEL 1Join the "Buddhist Journey" of America's first Buddhist rock band, American Zen. Led by flutist, poet, photographer, The Coyote of San Diego, California.

Raised on the outskirts of the city with rattlesnakes, rabbits, and coyotes in his backyard, our gifted nature boy is led astray to Utah by a blonde girl. Dumped, abandoned, and stranded in Utah, Coyote attempts to build a life in this Christian frontier.

The song, "Whose Heaven Is This?," details his pleas to the Mormons to stop harrassing and threatening him. In California, his nickname was "Smiley Coyote," but in Utah, Coyote realizes that "Peace Of Mind," is what he desires most.

This LEVEL 1 of Shaolin Zen Buddhism is where all humans begin. We seek love, family, business, comfort, security...and peace of mind. Join Coyote as rises above being a human animal.

Follow Coyote's spiritual journey at

I just wanted to compliment you on your music.
Brilliant! Totally inspiring.
"Black of Night" is fantastic!

                                                  Ted Ekman (Berkeley, CA)

"Black Of Night"

Album Download - SFR023dm00
First Album by AmZen
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$18.88 + Shipping and Handling

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