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KUNG FU and TAI CHI                                 by  The Hippy Coyote             of  AMERICAN ZEN

American Zen
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Kung Fu of The Hippy Coyote
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My Photos Deleted
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Utah Kung Fu = Minority
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Kung Fu Books In Production
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Heavy On The Mayonnaise = Good Scanning
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Coyote Videography
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Kung Fu of The Hippy Coyote

Disciple with White Waxwood Staff

Kung Fu Cowboy

by The Hippy Coyote

King Solomon's Temple
Kung Fu
Masonry and Freemasonry

What do these have to do with each other?

Plenty. King Solomon's Temple is the starting point of modern speculative Freemasonry. Kung Fu translates to "TIME & ENERGY" and is about doing well at everything in life.

Cowboy? That's my spin on reality. I was raised by "Cowboy ethics." Cowboy ethics are a combination of independence / virtue / masculinity / strength / integrity / chivalry / honor.

Have you mastered all of those?


CD WEBSITE of LEVEL 4 PART 1: LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowby

Buddha Kung Fu SCHOOL of Coyote:

BUDDHISM of American Zen:

My Photos Deleted Disciple with monk spade

by The Hippy Coyote

In 2006 Shaolin Chi Mantis shut down their shopping cart full of Chinese imported clothing and over 100 classical Kung Fu weapons.

Buddha Zhen pulled the plug. He never planned to start a Kung Fu weapon retail business, beyond supplying the weapons his students needed for their Kung Fu and Tai Chi training. Since 911, shipping charges have doubled and most of his students are learning Tai Chi, instead of the more  challenging Shaolin Kung Fu.

So, this means that hundreds of my photos have been deleted from the web.

These bluish photos were taken with really old Polaroid film I found in a drug store.

The pharmacist gave me the film at half price saying, "I'm not guaranteeing that this film is ok."

We both noticed it was several years older than the "sell by" date listed on the box.

The Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera I used must have had a light leak, because these rays of light were not added by me.

This makes me smile. I graduated UCLA Film School as a Director of Photography in commercials and music videos. I learned how to "paint with light."

Disciple with Master Zhen's Dragon SpearThis is more difficult than it sounds as you start adding more and more lights and the lights blend together and the colors mix... As one of my cinematography mentors told me when I called him up for advice on a music video I was shooting that had to dolly between three rooms onto the front porch, at night, with a lit Christmas tree. He said, "When the lighting seems to be out of your control, turn them all off and then turn them back on, one by one."

The reason I'm smiling over all of this is, despite my ability to control lighting and reflections and film color and shutter speed--sometimes it's nice to get something unexpected. This Angeles Forest weapon shoot was one of those experimental days that feels rewarding because I got something unexpected yet usable.

Coyote's KUNG FU MUSIC is in the Shaolin Records ONLINE RECORD STORE:

Kung Fu ClassUtah Kung Fu = Minority

Kung Fu in Utah.

There were four Kung Fu Schools in the entire state of Utah.

American Zen studies the Kung Fu of Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhis Gongfu.

Shaolin Chi Mantis teaches

Kung Fu Books In Production

Coyote shot the photography for the TAI CHI BEGINNER book and several other Kung Fu magazine articles. Disciples PJ and Moonto

An expert in outdoor photography, with several years of experience shooting television commercials and music videos on locations, Coyote chooses the weather also.

When the perfect day occured, with just the right temperatures and clouds for smoother lighting... we drove to Buddha Zhen's Disciple's house. He wasn't there. We found him at the Sushi Bar, where he worked. I'm not sure how important it was for him to work that day on his scheduled day off, but now we didn't have a star for the book, TAI CHI BEGINNER.

Master Zhen with beard and long hairWith several assistants along for holding bounce boards, carrying equipment, and supplying us with food and water on our all-day shoot -- we had to change our plan.

Moonto the Disciple had a bald head and wore monk-like clothes since becoming an initiate of Shaolin Chi Mantis. We decided to change our starring role to the bearded long-haired Patriarch, Buddha Zhen.

Little did we know that the cost of our Tai Chi Beginner book would be $11,000 to print our first book. This was 1994, and I didn't even consider getting my own computer yet.

However, this last year I finally scanned the 500 images for the book myself at 1800dpi. That just saved me $7,000. Next I have to retypset the book in Quark (or scan the existing pages?) -- I'm at this step.

Heavy On The Mayonnaise = Good Photo Scanning

Coyote says mayonnaise helps his scanning.

Over the years I've put many weights on my scanner lids to flatten out the photo or artwork. Somehow, I got a hold of a Best Foods: Real Mayonnaise, 32 oz jar. It works great!

So mayonnaise improves my scanning! I wouldn't scan without it. heehee

Coyote Videography

I threw away my last video camera. The chips were producing weird colors, the batteries were worn out.

I'm not sure what I'll use for our future videos of Kung Fu lessons. It needs to be good though.

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