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LEVEL 4 of Zen Buddhism    by  The Hippy Coyote            of  AMERICAN ZEN

American Zen
HeadlinesAmerican Zen calligraphy LOGO by Buddha Zhen

Download LEVEL 4 PART 1:
King Solomon's Temple
  song by song / entire album

TRIPLE TRILOGY of American Zen
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Kung Fu Increases Enlightenment
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Shaolin Chi Mantis Kung Fu Founded in 1984
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American Zen Record with Buddha Zhen
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Kung Fu Photography by Coyote
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Shaolin Podcasting = Buddhist Kung Fu
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LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy

Part 1 = King Solomon's Temple

14 songs + 4 poems tell the story of King Solomon's architect, Hiram Abif, 3,000 years ago.

Coyote became a 3rd Degree Master Mason, February 2009. Since then, Freemasonry has enriched his life with symbolism and ancient ethics that harmonize with our Kung Fu disciplines and morals.

Follow Coyote's travels at his current website,

Coyote's "Masonic Kung Fu" can be found at

AmZen Website BUTTONFollow the Zen Buddhist journey of American Zen at LEVEL 4.


Title    (songs in album order)
American Zen's 4th album
American Zen 1LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy
PART 1: King Solomon's Temple
album download


14 songs
4 poems
Kung Fu Cowboy song download
Music Sample
Boy And King poem download
Free Sample
Spirit Gun song download
Free Sample
A Lucky Man song download
Free Sample
33 Bass Players poem download
Free Sample
My Life Belongs To Me song download
Free Sample
Elaine song download
Free Sample
Christmas Is song download
Free Sample
Dear Lara poem download
Free Sample
You're Lazy song download
Free Sample
You'll Find Me song download
Free Sample
Flintridge Fire song download
Free Sample
From Within song download
Free Sample
Horses And Harleys song download
Free Sample
King Solomon's Temple Penny Whistle song download
Free Sample
Hiram Abif song download
Free Sample
Kill The Spider song download
Free Sample
I've Been Thinkin' song download
Free Sample


Triple Trilogy of American Zen
3 Albums + 3 Books + 3 Podcasts


    For only $33.30 you get:
 The FIRST THREE albums by American Zen.
(Album 4 is being recorded now at Shaolin Records in Montrose, California.)

Fold out Album Cover of I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME
Christ Killer Album cover FOLDOUT
LEVEL 3 album cover
LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind
American Zen's FIRST LEVEL
starts with moving to Utah.

PLUS you also receive in the same 359MB Download:
The first three BOOKS by The Hippy Coyote of American Zen.

  Autumn Flavours poetry book cover Book cover of UTAH PHASE 1 Get your acid taste of the flower power years  
  Autumn Flavours
First book of poetry book series:
Dark, curious, vicarious.
Utah Phase 1
Poetry book of Utah Poetry and lyrics from LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2
from Coyote's personal notebook.
Sid's Place
Coyote's first and only novel about a drug runner in 1969 California.

PLUS you also receive:
One Podcast from each of Coyote's 3 different series of podcasts:

American Zen Buddhist Rock Podcast WEB BLOG of The Coyote Poetry Podcast Best and brightest of today's Folk Rock Artists.  
American Zen
Buddhist Rock Podcast
at   Coyote Radio .NET

Coyote leads website tours of American Zen stories and adventures. This series includes the " evolution" of The Coyote to The Hippy Coyote, Richard O'Connor back to Richard Del Connor, and Master Zhen to Buddha Zhen. As a "guinea pig" of the Buddhist self-help website, Coyote proved that is a life changing website.
The Coyote Poetry Podcast
"Poem And A Song"

Coyote reads one poem and plays one song. Sometimes they are from albums, and sometimes freshly written...
Folk Rock Podcast of
Shaolin Records

The Hippy Coyote of American Zen
HOSTS this radio show featuring the
"Best and Brightest of today's Folk Rock Artists from around the world."
Includes several podcasts of American Zen including this podcast with recordings from Coyote's 1974 band,

Triple Trilogy of American Zen

Download them all now
in one 359MB compressed file.
for ONLY  $33.30

Check out the American Zen T-Shirts at

Coyote displaying Tiger Kung Fu Style

Kung Fu

2008 was the birth of the BUDDHA KUNG FU schools. As founder of Shaolin Chi Mantis in 1992 and founder of Tai Chi Youth in 1996, this is the 3rd Kung Fu system created by Buddha Zhen, our Chinese Coyote.

We've watched fat, pudgy people transform into Kung Fu warriors. We've seen timid seniors jump from the couch potatoe lives into more active lifestyles. Mostly, these improvements were from our Buddha Kung Fu programs.

Buddha Zhen with sonWe've watched some of these transformed alcoholics and neurotics quit Buddha Kung Fu so that they can revert to their destructive lifestyles.

So, we've proven that Buddha Kung Fu can improve and enhance lives, but without it, these improved people do not have the ability to continue their healthy lifestyle, without our Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes.

This is another reason we intend to produce Tai Chi and Kung Fu VIDEOS. We want our programs and classes to be more available, to more people.

We are also researching online lessons for individual private lessons and group classes.

We've proven our curriculums, programs, and books improve lives. Now we have to figure out to reach a wider audience. "I'm glad to improve my community," says Buddha Zhen, "but I want to improve the entire world.


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American Zen at


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CDs or downloads available.

Order your CD from:


Buy American Zen CDs at

American Zen at

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CDs or downloads available.

ONLY $18.88 + Shipping and Handling

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Shaolin Chi Mantis Kung Fu School Founded in 1984

SCM is the.... Kung Fu school of American Zen. Praying mantis logo of Shaolin Chi Mantis Buddhist Gongfu

Buddha Zhen's Kung Fu MastersBuddha Zhen had several Kung Fu Masters at Tai Mantis in Redondo Beach, California. The owner, Dr. Kam Yuen, taught the hippie bassist Shaolin Kung Fu, Northern Praying Mantis, and Wang Style Tai Chi.

Shifu Steve Baugh, Reverend Ru Jing Xi, taught young Zhen Daoist Kung Fu and Yang Style Tai Chi.

Buddha Zhen moved in with his Shifu, Scott Stamps, who completed Richards weapon, Mantis, and Shaolin training in their Redondo Beach home, with cat Celise during 1984.

Founded in 1984 by Zhen Shen-Lang, Shaolin Chi Mantis has had programs in Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, Colleges, and several Churches. Programs have been hosted by the YMCA, YWCA, Continuing Education Department of Utah, and Los Angeles Parks and Recreation.

Dueling DisciplesThe story of Buddha Zhen's development of his Tai Chi system and how he cured a friend's heroin addiction can be found in the Tai Chi Youth website,

Buddha Zhen was living out of his van when he studied Shaolin Kung Fu in Torrance, California.

"They had showers there," explains Coyote. "I was working as a Union Carpenter, and I needed a bath every day. So I attended a lot more classes than I normally would have, just to use the showers."

Cleanliness improves Kung Fu skills?

American Zen Record with Buddha Zhen

Master Zhen with a beard and long hair at Jordan Peace Gardens.

The Spiritual Guide of American Zen is Zen Master, Zhen Shen-Lang.

Visit for more information about BZ.

Kung Fu Photography by Coyote

Double Sabres of Buddha ZhenWhen we decided to photograph some of our product line at Buddha Zhen's cabin, Coyote decided to use some old Polaroid film he purchased just before leaving Utah.

The light leaks or whatever caused these streaks, plus the faded magenta color, gives these photos a rare and ancient quality. Angeles Forest behind Buddha Zhen's cabin.

Shaolin Podcasting = Buddhist Kung Fu

Praying mantis logo of Shaolin Chi Mantis Buddhist GongfuShaolin Zen, an American sect of Chinese Chan Buddhism, originated in the Kung Fu schools of Shaolin Chi Mantis where Buddhist lessons were mandatory.

Kung Fu Podcasts? We're working on it.

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