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Coyote Mysticwear

Turquoise Necklaces by The Coyote
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Coyote Mysticwear
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Turquoise Necklaces by The Coyote

Turquoise necklace by The Hippy CoyoteI designed these necklaces for myself, starting in the 1970s.

I don't use any metal on the necklaces. You tie a knot behind your head.

Simple necklaces made so I could feel my best and work my hardest.

Different stones have different energies. I chose other materials because they are "neutral" like the bone beads and the leather strings.

Coyote wore this necklaceI'm sure you'll enjoy any of my necklaces, but try to select something BEST SUITED for you or what you want to change...

That's a tough prescription. I enjoy CUSTOM DESIGNING a necklace just for you... maybe!

Coyote Mysticwear

Check out these webpages for a breakdown of my own personal styles of necklaces:

Necklace by Coyote

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Turquoise necklaces by The Coyote Coyote's necklaces use leather, bone, and stone. No metal. Turquoise Necklaces
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