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Kung Fu Cowboy Coyote
Includes song, "Use Me."

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Supersoul 13 by Buddha Z
4 Decades of Love by The Hippy Coyote
"Peace of Mind #2" from LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind
"Christ Killer" from LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer
"I Want You To Love Me" from LEVEL 3 = I Want You To...
"Kill The Spider" from LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1
"Don't Push Me" from Coyote Radio Tujunga by THC
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American Zen

Album:   End of the Line
Artist Website:
Artist Webstory:
Book:   Supersoul 13
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Where Buddha Rocks!

Record Label:
Shaolin Records

Executive Producer:  Richard Del Connor
Record Producer: Richard Del Connor
Recording Studio:
      Toyota Tacoma Truck
      North Hollywood, California 91601
Recording Engineer: Don DelaVega
Mixing Engineers: Incomplete. Album unmixed.
Mastering Engineer:  Scott Karahadian
    Boyle Heights, California
Graphic Design:
Photography:  The Hippy Coyote

Released by:   Shaolin Communications
Licenced by:   Shaolin Music
Distributed by:   Shaolin Records
Ads & Videos:   Shaolin Pictures

 Richard Del Connor,
 The Hippy Coyote

Poet:   poetry and lyrics
Composer:   all music and songs
Musician: performing all instruments:
acoustic guitar, backing vocal, bass, drums, electric guitar, lead guitar, narrator, orator, percussion, slide guitar, lead vocal, spoken word poetry
  cinematographer, photographer
Philosopher:   Buddhist Scientist
Singer: singing all lead and backing vocals

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American Philosopher, composer, lyricist, music videos, record producer, recording engineer, singer, bassist, guitarist, electric guitar, Fender Stratocaster, Rickenbacker 4000 bass, Marshall Mk V II, bass guitar, percussionist, flutist, flautist, flute player, soloist, performer, lead guitar, classic rock, blues, rock'n'roll, homeless, street, poor and worthy mason, destitute, North Hollywood Mason Lodge, Daylite 44, freemason, mason, widow's son,


End of the Line

Dance Rock?

version:  320kb mp3 music album
size: 118 MB immediate download

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Shaolin Records, founded in 1984

American Zen
    starring The Hippy Coyote

Coyote on the road.
Homeless Coyote



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End of the Line is the musical autobiography of The Hippy Coyote of American Zen. Leaving his family behind on the day before Christmas in 2011, Coyote packed up his life to start a Kung Fu school in Las Vegas, Nevada. With the assurances of a Kung Fu brother, he expected room and board for performing up to 85 Chinese Kung Fu Lion Dances and teaching at a Las Vegas Shaolin Kung Fu school.

Unfortunately, the day after the Chinese New Year of 2012, Coyote was told to hit the road. Without friends, relatives, students, or a job, Coyote struggled for several months living in the backyard of a Freemason. The song, "Use Me," was written in that Las Vegas garage.

Coyote worked for a temp service and stagehand until he'd saved enough money to move back to California. Unfortunately, he was no longer part of the YMCA teaching budget and couldn't enroll enough Kung Fu and Tai Chi students to pay rent...

So Coyote moved back to San Diego in 2012 where he was raised and had lots of relatives. The relatives refused to help him launch his Tai Chi Youth nonprofit education organization. Working as a "day laborer" digging dirt and pushing wheel barrows, Coyote realized why he'd left San Diego in 1978 and distanced himself ever since then from his Republican relatives.

Coyote wrote the song, "High School Graduation Reunion," for what would have been his 40-Year High School Reunion if he hadn't been exiled from the USA in 1970 to live in St. John's, Newfoundland. Now known as Buddha Zhen ("Buddha Z") to his Kung Fu and Tai Chi students, Coyote hoped that he could recruit the kids and grandkids of his San Diego friends and classmates.

In October 2012, after Coyote realized that his childhood friends were also of no use in launching his Buddha Kung Fu and Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu programs, he received a call from Scott Karahadian to make a movie, Kung Fu Cowboy, to star Coyote as a homeless vigilante. Coyote optioned his life, and Scott started writing the screenplay.

Two weeks later Coyote was stung in the neck by a small tan scorpion near the Mexican border while working as a stage hand for a Brad Paisley concert. Injured and unable to walk for several months, Coyote jumped in to write about ghosts emerging from his body to do his Kung Fu fighting for him. A couple weeks after the screenplay, Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie 1, was completed in late February 2013, Coyote wrote the movie's theme song, "Scorpion Resurrection."

On Mother's Day 2013, Coyote wrote "Secret Asian Girl," for Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie 2 as he worked on that screenplay in his spare time. With Coyote's new indepdendence after being a Mr. Mom since 1991, the song "Rock Me Hard," emerged as Coyote was pursued by lovely young ladies that lusty summer in North Hollywood.

On Father's Day 2013 Coyote wrote and recorded a demo of "Kung Fu Cowboy 2." Coyote was redefining his new identity as he slept in his car and struggled to produce his Kung Fu Cowboy movie.

"Take Me Apart" was written for the Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie 2 with Coyote expecting to perform it live in the movie, singing and playing a Chinese pipa guitar.

"End of the Line" was inspired by a couple people in Coyote's world. This almost hostile song also represents Coyote's frustration with people in his life who were self-destructive, and their own worst enemy.

After analyzing the failures of his own love lives and the marriages of countless people since his childhood, Coyote wrote "Honor and Obey - Cherish and Protect." Coyote imagined this song being sung by a bride and groom as their wedding vow. Perhaps someday Coyote will perform this song at his own wedding.

One of the Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie sequels will feature Coyote on a chopper. As Coyote worked on the four screenplays, this song emerges as the opening number of Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie 4. "Black Hills Ride" is an instrumental song featuring Coyote on flute. During the summer of 2013, Coyote carried his flute with him, jamming with bands and performing for the North Hollywood neighbors of his two children where his Toyota Tacoma truck was dry docked with a blown up radiator.

When Coyote recorded (on his phone) the flute instrumental song "Starting Over Again," he realized that his album was completed. For the next couple months Coyote performed this show in the back of his truck . The Kung Fu Cowboy show debuted Novemenber 22, 2013 at the Tribal Cafe in Los Angeles. Although Coyote worked hard to audition drummers to join him, it became apparent that this was destined to be a solo album featuring Coyote on his electric guitar and flute.

As the End of the Line album was being completed... Coyote was also writing the Supersoul 13 book inspired by the Bhagavad Gita scripture. These songs depict and portray the spiritual journey of our homeless and solitary renaissance man struggling to restart his life and rediscover, Peace of Mind. In the end, End of the Line represents a dedicated father becoming a dedicated artist dedicated to improving the world by making his Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie 1.

End of the Line is the beinginning of Coyote's new artistic life.

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